Base Chakra Healing- Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Root Chakra

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March 7, 2018
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April 8, 2018

Base Chakra Healing – an Essential Key for Unblocking the emotional scars in your Energy Body

What is a Chakra?

The Sanskrit word Chakra translates as wheel or disk. Think of a Chakra as a spinning wheel of energy. There are 7 major Chakras in the Energetic body. These Chakras deal with the emotional and physical elements of the body. You want your Chakras to be open and in balance. Base Chakra healing is the foundation of the Chakra system. Any healing that the body may need will start at the root foundation of the base Chakra.

How can Base Chakra Healing help me?

Base Chakra healing is necessary to understand if you believe in the energetic body and healing on an emotional level. The Sanskrit name for this Chakra is Muladhara. Meaning root support or foundation.

Look for emotional or physical symptoms like these:

  • Emotional imbalances include feelings affecting security
  • Insecure & fearful of where your life is headed in terms of finance, job & relationships
  • Nervous or unwelcomed feelings in social situations
  • Codependency
  • Anger Problems
  • Short Temper
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Physical manifestations of this chakra maifest in the lower part of the torso- legs, feet, large intestine, colon, bones
  • Constipation, eating disorders, sciatica, knee pain and any other ailment you may feel in this area

Base Chakra Healing- Where do I Start?

It has taken me so long to understand base chakra healing. Honestly, I’m still not grounded. Just like many of you reading this blog. It’s so hard. There is so much pressure to be happy where you are. It’s really hard to survive. But a key aspect of the root chakra is being grounded. This means being happy exactly where you are. Feeling safe, stable, loved & in control of your life. Allowing the universe to guide you on your path to becoming absolutely and utterly grounded. Because you are here for a reason. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. In financial misery, depression or dependency. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The key is staying grounded.

Base Chakra Healing Tips:

In today’s day and age it is very difficult to stay grounded. Although these tips aren’t scientifically proven. It’s important to remember that most of the time it’s mind over matter. Here are some tips that have helped me on my journey to staying grounded. Rooted and open to base Chakra Healing:

Stay Grounded with Nature’s Help


How: Get down & boogie with nature. Be childlike. Play in nature. In the forest, on the beach, up the mountain. Take off your shoes and feel the dirt between your toes. Hug a tree, run in the forest, make sand angels on the beach. Indulge completely in natures goodness.

Why: First off, it’s free. Helps bring you back down to basics, connecting with nature. By receiving the benefits of grounding, you begin to understand that you are a product of nature. Not to mention fresh oxygen and perhaps even a digital detox of an hour or two.

Yoga Pose for Base Chakra Healing- Grounding on the Physical


How: Breath in, raising the hands up, breath out, fold forward into Standing Forward Bend. Place your hands flat on the ground for extra connectedness, if you can.

Why: This pose stretches the legs and hips. Strengthens the knees and thighs which allows for stable grounding and opening of the root chakra.

Other Yoga Poses for Grounding: Mountain pose, Tree pose or any variation including half lotus


Tip: Practice this sequence of standing poses

  • Stand in Tadasana, Mountain pose
  • Tree Pose x 3 take variation of half lotus on last pose
  • Eagle pose
  • Chair pose

Base Chakra Healing Cleanse


How: Make your own Smudge Stick. A smudge stick is a stick of herbs that you burn for cleansing & clearing unwanted energies. Any herbs that have a calm and grounding effect. Connecting you to the earth’s crust and vibration. In this example my most darling friend and I have used Rosemary, Lavender & Rose petals. Sage is also a real goodie.

Why: Burning these smudge sticks helps to cleanse the negative energy. The negative energy that is influencing you in an unwanted way. Whether it be over thinking, fear of failure or insecurity about basic survival needs.

Base Chakra Healing Meditation & Mantra


How: When you are meditating. Try visualisation as a technique, focusing your gaze on the root chakra at the base of the spine. Picture a spinning wheel of the colour red. If the mind starts to wonder you can chant the sound of the root chakra, Lam.

Why: Aligns, balances and cleanses the Root Chakra to clear any emotional blockages that have built up. Allowing energy to flow free from the base chakra into the sacral chakra and all the way up.

Tip: I know it’s difficult to get into meditation. That is why chanting is so powerful. It allows the brain to be still and focused on vibration and nothingness.

Base Chakra Healing Aids


What: From Chakra incense to  grounding crystals. These are very beneficial but I’m going to focus on diving a little deeper. Understanding the base chakra as a root support and foundation of healing, with a little help from products you can buy here, online.  My favourite grounding crystals that I like to use are smokey quartz stone and jasper.

Tell me more about the Base Chakra Healing products…

Why: Having a chart or pictures of the Chakras in your meditation space, really helps the brain better understand these energetic points from a visualization point of view. Which is a key tip in meditation. This will help you to more accurately visualise the chakras during your meditation practice.

This guided meditation is only recommended for those that practice daily. If you want to take your meditation practice to the next level. This is the perfect guided meditation to help you reach just that. It is the perfect Chakra meditation for aligning, balancing and cleansing all of the Chakras.

The following products have been especially selected by me to help you on your journey in undertstanding the energy body. The Journaling Balloon has specifically picked Affiliate programs that adds benefit to the readers lives’, while at the same time helping the blog to stay alive. Thank you for your support, love and light.

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