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The Cape Town Vegan Challenge Week One- Inspiration
October 2, 2017
Image of hand holding mushrooms text reading my vegan life- week three cape town vegan challenge
My Vegan Life
October 16, 2017

The Cape Town Vegan Challenge is just over one week in. Becoming Vegan has finally settled in, and accidental mistakes have been prevented by better understanding the plant based diet. Becoming Vegan is quite a thing, it’s seriously challenging. On the other hand, becoming a vegan also aids in environmental issues, animal cruelty and also cleansing. It’s totally a modern phenomenon. Or perhaps even a cultural transition? A transition towards getting back in touch with nature. If anything it’s a life style choice certain people are making in the hope to impact positively on society and the world we live in. Whether it’s for the challenge or forever, it’s still a thing, being vegan.

I never thought I’d ever cross this, becoming Vegan bridge . Although I am only a quarter across the bridge. I’m really appreciative that this opportunity arose. Platforms for inspiration and support, recipes for healthy living, information to drive inspiration through circling articles and trending documentaries online. This whole challenge is an experiment for so many things. For health reasons, environmental impact beliefs and maybe even the idea that animals too are sentient beings. Either way, I have learnt a whole lot in my one week anniversary with being Vegan. There have been many different challenges faced, including physical challenges, psychological challenges and even social challenges

The most challenging aspects experienced in becoming Vegan

Challenge One; Physical discomfort of becoming Vegan

The truth is your body needs time to adapt to being Vegan.

  • You’ve lived you’re whole life thinking milk is high in protein
  • You’re body has got so used to eating animal products and meat that it will naturally start acting up
  • Your body is cleansing itself from the inside out and it’s kind of awkward
  • Because the farts are taking over your life…
  • It’s either very loud and not so proud…
  • Vegan Farts are part of becoming Vegan minions farting via giphy

    Vegan Farts are part of Becoming Vegan

  • If it’s not the farts that are getting you, its the loud stomach rumbles waking you up in the morning or calling you out on late night munchies in the evening
  • Also, being hungry is a Vegan thing

Challenge Two; Psychological conditioning of Becoming Vegan

I have realised that training my brain is of utmost importance. If someone is eating an eggs Benedict in front of my greedy little eyes, I need to remind my brain of its conditioning. It’s important to condition your mind to believe that what you are doing is going to impact the world positively. Learn, discover, watch, read, talk, join groups, basically drown yourself in Veganism.

  • Watch documentaries like, What the Health 
  • Browse youtube. Anyone remember this? When people ask but where do you get your protein from?

Challenge Three; Social Impact- beliefs and misconceptions of Vegans

This part of the challenge has been the most entertaining. As I have been in Johannesburg over the past week, perhaps people aren’t as accustomed to Veganism as Cape Town is. I can’t help but chuckle when people ask questions like…

  • So If you’re Vegan, how can you smoke?

I found myself in a conversation between my father and my uncle. My dad said, “But she must be the only heard of vegan that smokes.” My Uncle replied, “But remember there is no harming of animals during the making of tobacco. Or maybe it’s the ganja that made her go Vegan…”

There will always be jokes, it’s important to not get offended but rather join in on the laughs. The truth is people see you as an extremist. Veganism is seen as so extreme to mainstream consumerism that people often ask:

  • What religion is Veganism?
  • But Hindus are Vegan, right?
  • Can you be Christian and still be Vegan?

It’s important to embrace becoming Vegan. As challenging as it may be, the best thing to do is take it with a pinch of Himalayan salt and embrace being Vegan. Those who regard you as weird because you are a Vegan will soon realise that being weird is actually the new cool. If being weird means saving the environment, bettering my health and being kinder to animals all over the world. I don’t mind being weird because to me it sounds like a pretty cool thing to be embracing. If you are looking for food inspiration, try this easy to make Woolworths Vegan Styled Pasta.


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