Who’s up for the Cape Town Vegan Challenge?

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Khanyisa – Plant Day
September 18, 2017
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The Cape Town Vegan Challenge Week One- Inspiration
October 2, 2017

The Cape Town Vegan Challenge takes place on the 30th of September 2017. Capetonians are invited to try out the Vegan diet for 31 days. Hosted by community driven group Vegilicious, for the third year running, a one month rendezvous has been dedicated to the plant based diet. What better time to try this whole Vegan thing out, than now?

So your arm has been twisted about this whole Vegan thing, or maybe you’re still sitting on the fence. Perhaps your girlfriend has persuaded you with favours or better yet you’ve been converted after watching Cowspiracy. The truth is no one is here to convert you because Veganism is less of a cult and more of a life choice. For me, it’s as if the universe planned it.

As I approach my one year anniversary with Vegetarianism, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate. As I go from a somewhat naughty Vegetarian to being a full on Vegan for a month. I know the challenge is tough. Luckily, the motivation is strong and Vegilicious is there to guide me through it all, thanks Vegilicious.

So, who is Vegilicious and why Cape Town Vegan Challenge?

Vegilicious from Cape Town Vegan Challenge


Vegilicious is a non-profit Vegan community in Cape Town. With a passion for environmental sustainability and the animals, of course. What started out on UCT Campus has grown into the wider Cape Town Vegan community. Making it their mission to mainstream Veganism, they have created the Cape Town Vegan Challenge for October. And what’s great is that Vegilicious is making it less of a challenge and more of an adventure by collaborating with brands, restaurants and people to bring you vegan-friendly events packed into the month of October. Ensuring that your tastebuds are satisfied through-out the challenge.

How can I get involved?


It’s easier than vegan pie, just sign up on the Vegilicious website. Be sure to check out all of their events and book according to your taste and preferences. It’s a jam-packed month of Vegan fun. Feasts, markets, cooking classes, film screenings and much much more. You can also join the Facebook group, the group is there to support you through your journey. A social platform for inspiration, whether it’s meal prepping you’re after or where to buy Vegan goods, all the information is there for your convenience.

So I’ve joined The Cape Town Vegan Challenge, what happens now?

gif about lisa day dreaming about slaughter inspiration for Cape Town Vegan Challenge

Animals are friends not Food

Being a Vegan can be challenging and overwhelming for newbies. When the times get tough, try to daydream about slaughterhouses, eat an Oreo and listen to some Vegan jokes, like this one. The Vegan community is more mainstream than you think. Did you know that Doc Martins has released a Vegan shoe? I know, Right? Plus Cape Town loves Vegans and caters for all kinds of tastes and preferences and again Vegilicious is there to guide you through it. They even have a starter kit you can purchase with only the best vegan goodies.

Tips from Vegans

vegan tips for the Cape Town Vegan Challenge Gif

Vegan Tips

  • Always read the label-most products contain some sort of milk and eggs
  • Avoid products with words on labels like whey powder, Gelatin and fish oils
  • That being said gummy bears are not vegan-friendly. Sorry, it sucks I know
  • Worcester sauce is not vegan-friendly because it contains anchovies
  • Replace Cream with Coconut milk works just as well
  • Orly Whip is a great cheaper Vegan Cream replacement
  • Dolce Bakery makes tasty baked vegan goods
  • Sit in the sun for an extra 10 minutes to ensure you get enough Vitamin D
  • Buy soy products that contain Vitamin B12
  • Some plant milk do contain Vitamin B12, again read labels
  • Mater reading labels- even some bread  not Vegan-friendly
  • Don’t stress too much about protein- beans and grains really are sufficient
  • Otherwise, grab a protein bar from nakd or other brands
  • Jungle Oats dark chocolate bar is Vegan friendly
  • Stock up on chick peas, lentils, beans, spinach and dark leafy greens
  • What about Bacon though? Replace it with a Vegan snack from @faken_bacon
  • Eat the rainbow, be the rainbow!
  • Don”t be afraid of Spice, spice is nice. Especially Tumeric
  • Eat at oriental restaurants, they tend to have more vegan options
  • Don’t be judgey, people dis like pushy Vegans as much as hot headed carnivores
  • There will always be haters, just do you and have fun

Still terrified, stress less, meal prepping is made easy with recipes coming up weekly on the Cape Town Vegan Challenge group. Join the journey, share the experience, try Vegan for October.


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