4 reasons why Cape Town’s Spring Season is Magical

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Is Cape Town’s Spring Season the Best time to Visit?

A visit to Cape Town’s Spring Season will not let you down. When the flowers are blooming and the sun is shimmering. Cape Town is at it’s prettiest peak in Spring. A special season where mother nature blooms special gifts.

Spring is a magical season in Cape Town. The African sun is semi blazing and it’s full-on flower season. Who doesn’t love flowers? Pink flowers, yellow flowers, orange flowers. These wildflowers are pretty as can be. But they only stick around for the spring season. Therefore all the more reason why Spring is the best time to visit Cape Town.

4 Reasons why you should visit Cape Town’s Spring Season

1. For the flowers, of course

Cape Town’s Spring Season is incredible because of the flower season. There are even numerous amounts of flower festivals you can attend. If you love flowers and nature then this is a must-see. From the Darling Wildflower show, to the festival of trees, it really is a special kind of month. If wildflowers aren’t really your thing, then we still have our national flower to boast about because really it’s pretty. Right? Read more about Flower Season in Cape Town.


2. Cape Town during Spring Weather is actually better for the adventure seeker

Cape Town's Spring season hike up lions head

Cape Town in Spring Hike Lions Head

a walk on milnerton beach in cape town's spring season

Milnerton Beach in Spring

It’s not a blistering 30 Degrees while you’re trekking up Lion’s Head, table mountain or any other hike that will leave you dripping with sweat. Plus you get to wear a little sweater when you walk on the beach and dip your toes into the icy cold water.

3. Cape Town in Spring means Whale Season


The southern right whale can be spotted in South African waters from June to November. Which makes Spring the perfect time to visit. Winter is over and spring has sprung. Enjoy the glory of mother nature unravelling as you spot the whales.

4. Festival season is about to commence with so many festivities to indulge in

gif saying hello cape town's spring season

Cape Town in Spring

People are finally coming out of hibernation to play in the streets and soak up the African sun. Festival season officially starts in Cape Town in Spring. It’s not too hot and not that crowded yet.

Cape Town boasts a forever summer-sunshine kind of trip. After all, it’s four seasons in one day here. Therefore even when it is warming up after a chilly winter or still bringing in the winter clouds, you’re bound to have at least two or three glorious summer-styled days.

Alternatively, drop me an email and I can help make your Cape Town in Spring stay magical.


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