Community Mindfulness is necessary for Self-Healing and Socializing Online

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November 1, 2021
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January 10, 2022

Community mindfulness is one of the most important things for human wellness. For centuries we have lived and thrived in communities. We need the love and support of others in order to thrive. Creating a community for your wellness journey is beneficial so you don’t feel alone. There are thousands of others in your situation. Doing the inner work to feel at peace. Feeling exactly as you are feeling right now.

Let’s create community mindfulness by sharing our journey through mindfulness practices

We are all on different paths but we are experiencing similar feelings. Life is hard to manage without feeling like you’re drowning. The pandemic has been difficult but it has forced us to see the necessity of community and the psychological wellness that comes with socializing.

Free Monthly Community Mindfulness Meetups Online & in Cape Town

Creating safe spaces where you can express yourself and where you’re at on your journey to wellness is difficult to find. Therapy is expensive and many of us feel lonely. Apart from that sometimes it’s difficult to find a safe place for dumping your emotions. Let’s connect via Zoom where we can meet and explore mantra chanting and journaling as a tool for emotional wellbeing.

Mantra Chanting for Emotional Wellness

Mantra chanting is a profound tool that helps to balance our throat chakra. We know that we use our voices to express ourselves. And sometimes when our thoughts are running wild we do not allow our voices to be expressed thus creating blockages in our throat chakra.

Free Monthly Mantra Chanting & Journaling Meet-Ups Online – Coming Soon!

If this is something that interests you please kindly sign up here. We will meet up once a month for 30 minutes. During our time together you can experience a mantra and journaling class. We will have a short introduction about the magic behind mantra chanting. After that, we will chant some mantras together and journal our experiences.

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Mindfulness Community Practices Events in Cape Town

Free Walking meditation to Cultivate Mindfulness:

Join me every second Saturday on sunset beach Cape Town at 8:00 am for walking meditation. Booking is essential so please sign up via the contact me form here. Or have a look at the event on Facebook and send me a PM on my page. Here are the dates for Cape Town season walking meditations:

  • Saturday 29th January 2022
  • Saturday 12 February 2022
  • 26 February 2022
  • 12 March
  • 26 March

Yoga Nidra Psychic Sleep Journeys in Cape Town

Sleep yoga is an ancient yogic practise of dreamwork and soul journey. But actually, it is great for sleep. Or better yet, falling asleep. In fact, it is difficult to try and stay awake during these sessions. Combined with the divine sound of Himalayan singing bowls. It makes for a deep and restorative guided relaxation meditation. Join me at Soul Healing Center on Thursdays and Saturdays in Hout Bay, Cape Town

Community Management for You

As you can see I love engaging with my community in person and online. Building, connecting and serving your community is a good business philosophy that will not only help you grow. But give you a bigger purpose as you begin to inspire more people. Let’s inspire each other. Reach out and write to me if you’d like to collaborate and grow a community, network or reach the audience through online community management.


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