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Content marketing for startups through social media community management, SEO, copywriting, WordPress management, web dev and all the digital marketing things. Let us help you create and manage your digital presence so that you can move your business online or become more active on the internet. Because it is a magical place where dreams can come true. So your website is optimised, up to date and consistently creating and sharing content that the search engine gods love. Awaken to the new age of manifestation. Where we can help you envision your marketing goals according to your budget.

Monthly Social Media Content Marketing Packages for your Biz

Standard Social Media Package – R2500 a month

Social Media content creation for your business includes the following content & channels:

Designs created for your business with Canva and scheduling on the following platforms:

  • 3 x Facebook posts a week
  • 3 x Instagram posts a week
  • 1 Instagram reels a week
  • Instagram hashtag research for your niche
  • 1 x LinkedIn post a week
  • Access to shared Canva Pro

Advanced Social Media Package – R5000 a month

  • 4 x Facebook posts a week
  • 4 x Instagram posts a week
  • 2 Instagram reels a week
  • Instagram hashtag research for your niche
  • Instagram community management- replying to comments, interacting with community & DMS
  • 2 LinkedIn posts a week
  • Access to shared Canva Pro

Organic Content Marketing Monthly Package R2500 a month

  • 1 blog a month
  • 1 Newsletter a month
  • Keyword research
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • 1 free gift for subscribers a month- ebook, digital course etc.
  • 1 monthly web analysis & implementation
Content Creation and Marketing hourly rate
  • R220 an hour – if you prefer to pay hourly and have a list of what needs to be done your website or socials
  • R300 an hour for web maintenance

But if you are not sure what services your business or site could benefit from, book my free website analysis. Because I will analyse your site for free and give you a PDF report on how you can improve your digital presence. So I hope to hear from you soon.

Therefore for enquiries please email me [email protected] or send me a message.

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