Energy Healing- Healing through Sound and Light Language Workshop with Yukia

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Energy Healing is a form of tapping into the body’s own frequency as a type of alternative medicine

Energy healing is becoming more accessible in today’s day and age and it’s for good reason too.  An evolution of consciousness is occurring as we move into a new age. As we move into the age of Aquarius we are evolving more than we think. I only realised this ‘phenomenon’ after I experienced a session of Energy Healing through sound and light language with Yukia.

Understanding Energy Healing through Light Language & Sound Resonance

The language of light is the language of your soul or consciousness. It is the language of light and love. The language of creation, God, your higher self, your being or however you see it. Through the divine alchemy of light language, you are able to receive sacred energy healing activation and frequency alignments. The language of light is a form of energy transmission that provides energy healing or light healing into your being. It is not something you can understand by reading this. Rather, its something that you have to feel and experience. It is the true essence of your reality and creation.

Why should I experience this Energy Healing language of light and sound?

Yukia's art depiction of an energy healing session through the use of sound

This artwork depicts the realms of true reality and understanding. Resonating with this means resonating with your energy. This artwork has been created by Yukia through Light Language. It is the symbols of the language of light. It is the dialect of pen to paper. Yukia uses sound and light language to connect you to the source, God or your higher self. This is an important function of the language of light. Reuniting and integrating multidimensional soul aspects. From incarnations, dimensions or parallel lifetimes through the Akashic Records. Activating DNA through geometric codes, colours and patterns as you see above. Initiating remembrance. This is done in order to realign the energy that is blocked in your auric field. It is a profound form of energy healing. 

What is the definition of sound language and why is it relevant to me?

There is no doubt in my mind that this is a difficult concept to grasp. It is very relevant in today’s day and age. Try to interpret it as a frequency that activates light codes. This assists DNA repair, alignment, balance, harmonization and awakening of dormant strands that reboot one to a new level of awareness. This heightens you with your Higher self, grounded in the physical body. It also has the function to upgrade you to new multidimensional levels of the Self. It is a cosmic and galactic language carrying vibrations and frequencies. These vibrations and frequencies can alter and activate your DNA. Through this activation, the vibrations and frequencies are able to heal the body and reprogram mental habits that cause suffering on a physical plane. 

Is every experience the same?

the artwork made by Yukia using light language depicted through energy healing

Absolutely not, because every soul is different, just like every person is different. I did not think anything was so to say, ‘physically or mentally wrong with me’. I am a Yogi at heart and I do believe that I have a great connection with my own body and mind. Connection with my Chakras or energetic centre points and being. But there is something very profound in experiencing a session with Yukia. She connects you to your soul and helps to raise your frequency and vibration. Not only experiencing this journey but feeling it entirely. Feeling your energy in your own body. The blockages, the conditioning and the power of the mind. Experiencing what’s holding you back from understanding your true reality, your true essence. Connecting you to higher realms where you’ll have a better understanding of your multidimensional experiences.

How did my session help me?

As I sat with Yukia before the session started, she asked me if I have any intention for this session. Before I could put words together in my mind, after over thinking it. She immediately sensed something in my emotional energetic body.  She said abruptly, “You’re a very emotional person.” Only after the session did I understand that it stems from overthinking. Recreating thoughts and patterns. It’s about the conditioning of and in the mind. Yoga teaches you to let go of these conditionings. It is only at that moment that I realised, I am not letting go. I am not embracing what I am teaching in my Yoga classes. I am holding onto my trauma, memories, incidents and scenarios that’s clouding my judgement, my essence. Yukia helped me to cut ties with things that no longer serve me. Things I thought I could let go of myself. Things I have been trying to let go of for years. She truly opened up that dimension that is helping me notice these conditionings and let go of them.

How do I know if this workshop is right for me?

Ideally, this workshop is for anyone that is looking to connect or dive a little deeper into understanding the realms of their consciousness. It is the perfect workshop for gaining a deeper knowledge of how to use sound for healing and raising vibrations.

Tell me more, I’m still not sure…

  • Are you feeling lost in the mist of life?
  • Are you despondent about some kind of aspect in your life- whether it is in the past, present or future?
  • Whether it be something, someone or some kind of mental pattern or memory that’s clouding your judgement?
  • Are you constantly tired and drained?
  • Confused about the path you’re currently on?
  • Are you always living in and worrying about the past or the future?
  • Feel disconnected from society, life or understanding?
  • Feeling out of place or not belonging?
  • Feel sick, out of tune and disembodied about aspects of your life- whether it be physical, mental or emotional?

Energy Healing is something worth Trying if you are on a path of Self-Discovery

If you feel all of these above then this is most definitely your calling. It is the perfect opportunity to cut ties with entities and things that no longer serve you. To feel light and lifted. Unburdened by thoughts, societal pressures, pain, trauma, heartache and anything that is holding you back from living your true potential.

This workshop is also a good opportunity not solely for individual healing purposes but also for practising health practitioners like Yogis. Actually, it’s for anyone that is looking to learn and gain techniques and tips into sound healing, sacred geometry codes and symbols and energy healing for mind, body and soul.

What exactly happens in the workshop?

energy healing art depiction created by Yukia

The workshop entails a good mix of meditation techniques using sound and movement in terms of tapping and energy. A sound bath is transmitted through Yukia’s voice. It truly is something you’ve never heard before. Perhaps you have, in a dream or another lifetime. This sound alchemizes all of the energy bodies into recalibration, alignment, balance and harmony. Repairing and at times even upgrading DNA. After this Yukia will give an introduction into the Languages of Light and how it can help assist you on your spiritual journey and here on earth.

After the workshop you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your higher self
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the current path you are on in terms of igniting your own consciousness
  • Understand how to use sound for healing yourself and others through identifying blocked energy in the body and using sound vibrations to unblock the blockages
  • Activate and raise your DNA frequency so you can heal your body and hold more light and love in your heart
  • Learn how to identify negative mental patterns that are no longer serving you
  • Tips and techniques from Yukia that you can practice on a daily basis to ensure that your frequency is raised and your vibrational energy is uplifted

Ok, I get it now and I’m ready to dive a little deeper and understand my Higher Self

Namaste, beautiful beings.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch with Yukia on her email above, or drop me a message anytime.


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