Guided Meditation MP3


10 Min Sound Vibration Meditation

Introduction to sound vibration as a form of meditation. Join me on a journey into your inner mind as we focus on sounds that allow us to dive into a deep state of meditation. In this10 minute introduction to sound vibration meditation, you’ll be guided by Himalayan singing bowls, my voice & basic breath awareness. The bowls release Theta brain waves allowing the mind to easily switch off and prepare for the stillness that is meditation. Little to no meditation experience is needed for this.


15 Min Sound Vibration Meditation

An extension mediation of the introduction to Sound Vibration Meditation. Adding just 5 minutes extra of sound. This meditation is great for those who are looking to make meditation part of their daily routine. A perfect meditation for starting or ending your day. Ideal for absolute beginners or intermediate meditators. In this meditation you are introduced to sound & breath awareness. Great for those who suffer from anxiety & overthinking. The sounds distract the mind from thinking allowing the brain to release theta brain waves & access the unconscious. Great for releasing stagnant energy, stuck past trauma, PTSD & negative thoughts patterns.


45 Min Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing Meditation

Yoga Nidra is an ancient tool used to activate & clear the subconscious. Nidra means sleep in sanskrit. It is the Yoga if sleep. Basically Yoga Nidra is a form of sleep therapy, sleep yoga or sleep meditation. It is a profound tool used to clear the subconscious from all of the impressions gathered throughout the day; stress, anxiety, over thinking etc. This mixed with the sound of the bowls bring about deep states of meditation. Himilayan singing bowls help the brain to release theta brain waves. The meditation is broken into two stages. The first stage is Relaxation & Nidra combined with the sounds of the bowls & the second stage is just the bowls mixed with a rain stick. Combining both tools to allow you switch off & tune in. It is believed that 1 hour of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of 3 hours of sleep. Great for insomnia, sleep deprivation or those looking to energize their days.


15 Minute Sound Meditation Music with Himilayan Singing Bowls

This sound meditation is for advanced yogis or practitioners that love sound as a form of meditation. We all know that vipassana- silent meditation is beyond difficult for many. Because the mind is so busy, it cannot switch off in silence. Even though that is the one thing many of us crave. Therefore the instrumental or music-only meditation is perfect for those with an existing and consistent meditation practice. Relax, tune in and trip out to the sound of Himalayan singing bowls charged with rose crystals and channelled with the utmost love.


5 Minute Sound Meditation with Tongue Drum

The tongue drum is an instrument from India. I bought it in the Himalayas Because I was in awe at the sound of it. It is believed to aid in chakra balancing. As the notes on the tongue drum are energetically aligned with the chakra system. So each and every drum roll hits the keys of the energetically spinning vortex that surrounds you, namely your aura. Indulge in 5 minutes of aura cleansing in this 5-minute meditation with the tongue drum.


Chakra Tuning Meditation - 7 minutes of Zen

7 minutes of zen to tune the seven chakras. Complete and total chakra balancing. Your chakras are like a storehouse, of energetic baggage relating to different phases, experiences, memories and things of your life. Namely the Base, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. All correlate and tie to different aspects of you. But energetically. So this meditation is perfect for those who feel stuck in their practice. Maybe you just haven't got down to it or there is a lot of drama going on. Whatever the case may be, this meditation can clear your auric field to enable you to be more present. It is the perfect meditation to slot into your weekly practice.

Best effects felt if you practice this once a week for 7 weeks. Or if you're an advanced meditator, you can do this in one week. It's kind of like a seven-day energy detox