Intermittent Fasting – A How-To for Beginners

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August 13, 2018
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Intermittent Fasting is trending and growing in popularity. Modern-day diseases and virus’ plague the lives of many. Is this the answer to many troubled people’s lives? Can intermittent fasting cleanse your blood from a virus? Or is it only for those looking to lose weight? Is fasting only to gain spiritual awareness or can it help those looking for cures to modern virus’?

My parents influence me a lot. They regularly go to the ‘health farm’ and occasionally they fast. My grandfather used to fast every Monday to cleanse and reboot his system. This obviously influenced my mother. As a teenager, I often tried to join my parents, cheating as much as I wanted. It’s only now that I’m thankful for this influence. I don’t count those attempts as successful. However they did shape the way I see food and fasting today.

My first Attempt at Intermittent Fasting was Surprisingly Successful

I’m a woman with an appetite. I don’t eat meat so I eat a lot. Constantly. Snacking. I am a naturalist, yogi and vegetarian. I stopped taking prescription drugs more than 2 years ago. Today, I’ll rather die complaining than swallow a panado, pain-killer or whatever quick-fix drug is on the market. I am not discrediting modern day medicine. One day I woke up with the worst heartburn. I had heartburn for two consecutive days. On the third day, I decided I’ll ‘fast’. ‘Intermittent Fast’ that is. I ate only fruit when I was very hungry and drank only water. From sunrise to sunset. I had heartburn all day and was a grinchy grump. But, the next day I felt stronger, healthier and free from heartburn. Then I knew, this is a magical concept.

My second attempt at was Sad, Sombre and really Difficult

This time it was more serious. I guess it’s true what they say. You really only appreciate your health once it’s being jeopardised. My body has been fighting a virus. Something that has been lying dormant for almost a year. I want nothing more than to cleanse my blood. Whether this is physically possible or not I don’t know. There can’t be anything bad about fasting can there? Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. Buddha fasted, Gandhi fasted. Perhaps all for spiritual reasons, but fasting none the less.

What did I eat?

the fruit i ate and made into juice during my intermittent fasting day

What did I learn during my Intermittent fast?

I made this smoothie with spinach and banana as I thought the protein from the spinach might help to make me feel fuller for longer. Plus I’m a Vegetarian so my body could do with the extra protein, right? According to the article above from India Times, you shouldn’t mix fruit and vegetable as they get digested differently. Rookie error. A few things to remember:

  • A smoothie fills you up by don’t add any vegetables
  • Bananas give you a good and long-lasting form of energy as it is filled with potassium – helping you stay fuller for longer- don’t be shy to add peanut butter especially if you’re looking to cleanse and not lose weight
  • If you’re hungry eat fruit or make a juice and or smoothie
  • Don’t mix acidic fruit with sweet fruit
  • You can eat sweet fruit with sub acidic fruit and sub acidic with acidic fruit
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day
  • Start every day with a lukewarm glass of water with lemon in- I live my life by this, especially as a Vegetarian as it boosts my Vitamin C intake

Benefits & Myths of Lemon water from Wellness Mama

fruit combination chart via for an Intermittent Fasting cleanse

Fruit combination chart via

Inspiration and reading on Viral Infections & Intermittent Fasting

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