Locked Up 2020: Diary entry 21 May 2020

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Locked up 2020 EP 1 is what I was thinking as the world locked down as the Corona Pandemic hit and lock down-regulations were set in place in Cape Town, South Africa.

What world am I living in? It’s the year 2020 and humanity is locked up. The lockdown outbreak started towards the end of 2019. Today is May 21st 2020. I wonder what it’s like on other planets? Perhaps they are too experiencing some kind of “lockdown” as the whole universe enters some intergalactic trouble. Global Pandemic? More like the Intergalactic War Fair, or not. Maybe I’m too sinister. I bet some are just fed up with the way we humans behave.

I mean, “they” should be. We burn down the amazon, the lounges of our Mother Earth, pollute her water, ravage her creatures, mismanage her signs of crying out. We are just awful creations, so awful that we hurt our mother, the Earth.

Being Locked Up in 2020 got me thinking about my mere mortal existence

We know little to nothing about our mere existence. Where we came from, where we are going. We have stories passed on from generations namely religion, culture and language resting in our unconscious collective. These are the things that make us human creatures of planet Earth. The Bible’s Book of revelation in Christianity speaks of doomsday, the Aztecs predicted it and even Hinduism has many Gods of some sort of destruction. Today it feels like we are living at the end of times.

Lockdown challenges Human Fight or Fight Response causing major psychological tension

I have never had this much anxiety and stress ever. Trying to make sense of my world as a new mother. Seeing chaos all around me. Panic on the internet, more and more homeless people on the streets. Fear is all around me. I can’t even leave my house after a fight with my partner. So much stress all around me. I feel as tense as a dried up piece of leather. I need space! I need zen! Lockdown is the anti-zen. I feel like a prisoner of Earth.

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