Lower Back Pain Relief- Healing with Yoga

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Lower Back Pain relief is on the tip of many peoples tongues. The thing is we all have busy schedules, 9-5 jobs, kids and chores. It isn’t easy to balance work and play. Is there really time in your busy schedule for an appointment with the chiropractor? Or a daily self-care date at the Yoga studio?

It’s really difficult to concentrate at work if you are suffering from an aching and paining lower back. It is impossible to concentrate at all, actually. I’m going to let you in on a little Yogi secret. It is no lie that there are many Yoga Postures that help to relieve lower back pain. The best part is that you can practice any of these basic postures in the comfort of your own home. A daily practice of these Yoga Postures will help to relieve lower back pain, reducing the amount of pain you have daily. These specific set of postures help to strengthen and realign the lower back to its natural state.

Healing with Yoga- Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

These are basic Yoga poses that can be practised in a sequence, in the order it is written down here. In the mornings and evenings. Or practice them as individual poses. You can incorporate Yogic Breath of Fire once the pain has subsided and you’d like to intensify this sequence. Excluding people who suffer from high blood pressure. Yogic Breath of Fire or Kapalabhati Breathing helps to release toxins and strengthens the nervous system.

Practice this set of Postures in a Sequence

Cat & Cow Yoga Postures for easy Lower Back Pain Relief

lower back pain relief through cat and cow pose gif via giphy

Cat & Cow Yoga Pose for Lower Back Pain Relief


  • Relieves stiffness or tightness in lower back
  • Improves flexibility of neck, shoulders and spine
  • Relieves the stress from menstrual cramps causing lower back pain for women
  • Beneficial for people suffering from Sciatica, stiff back and shoulders
  • Contra-Indications: Avoid or take variation if you are pregnant, have weak wrists, ganglion, injured shoulders and knees


  • Start on your hands and knees in table top
  • Arms stacked under the shoulder and knees hip-width distance apart
  • Tuck the spine in, open the chest and lift the head up as you inhale into Cow Pose
  • Arch the back, drop the head and exhale into Cat Pose
seated cat and cow pose to relieve lower back pain gif via giphy

Lower Back Pain Relief Tip at Work

Extended Puppy pose for Lower Back Pain Relief

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The truth is we don’t all have the time or the energy to practice yoga daily. This subtle movement can be practised anywhere. It’s great for stretching the lower back. The rotation of Cat and Cow is great for the spine. It creates more energy flow. This is kind of like Down Dog meets Child’s Pose.

gif via giphy showing how to do extended puppy pose which helps stretch the back and releases lower back pain

Lower Back Pain Relief- Extended Puppy Pose


  • Strengthens and stretches the arms, hips and upper back
  • Lengthens the spine helping to aid the healing process in lower back pain
  • Contra-Indications: Avoid if you have any knee injuries


  • Come to table top as in Cat and Cow flow above
  • Walk your hands forward
  • Inhale in this position
  • As you exhale move your buttocks back towards your heels and bring your arms and chest towards the ground
  • Keep your arms straight as you stretch into the pose

Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

Gif via giphy demonstrating downward facing dog which aids in lower back pain relief

Lower Back Pain Relief- Downward Facing Dog


  • Elongates the spine
  • Stretching and Strengthening almost every muscle
  • Realigns posture- a common cause of back pain
  • Contra-Indications: Take caution if you have high blood pressure or suffer from headaches- use props to support head


  • Come to table top as in Cat/Cow Pose- arms stacked beneath shoulder and knees hip-width distance apart
  • Move the hands one hand space in front of you
  • Take a deep breath in
  • Exhale as you tuck the toes in and push down with the heels
  • You can walk the hills up and down to stretch the calves and feel the balance of the body weight from front to back
  • Take three deep breaths in and out in this pose

Childs Pose is the Easiest Yoga Pose to Practice for Lower Back Pain Relief

It is best to practice right at the end of, Lower Back Pain Relief flow. It is a safe haven resting pose, take a rest in this pose at any point if needed.

gif via gihpy demonstrating childs pose the best yoga pose for lower back pain relief

Lower Back Pain Relief- Child’s Pose


  • Stretches the muscles of the back torso relieving lower back pain ache
  • Relaxes muscles on the front of the body
  • Stretches hips, thighs and ankles
  • Contra-Indications: Avoid if pregnant, suffering from diarrhoea or knee problems & injuries


  • Spread knees wide apart with big toes touching
  • Breath in as you raise the arms up
  • Exhale as you fold forward into the ground
  • Arms are extended in front of you
  • Take a variation by tucking arms behind you

Don’t forget to cool down. Relaxation Pose, Savasana or Corpse Pose is important in order for you to see improvement in lower back pain relief. Exercising is just as crucial as resting.

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