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April 23, 2018
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I’ve been feeling super down in the dumpsters lately. It must be that awful thing called Depression playing up. It really is a win-lose situation. Man, I feel suffocated by life. I Feel trapped in this world we call civilised society. A place where everyone is really just competing against each other. I don’t really care to win in this thing called life. I’m not competitive enough. Is it depression? Or does it stem from a deep understanding of this illusion we’ve created around reality?

I guess I’ve always been affected by depression. I’m an empath by nature. A very sensitive being. I pick up on people’s energy, emotionally draining myself, overthinking and replaying scenarios which turn into obsessing over everything. I doubt myself, life and past decisions. The truth is my brain just doesn’t seem to release enough Endorphins. You know the happy juice? Call it Serotonin, Dopamine or Oxytocin. Either way, your brain needs all of these to function happily.

Embrace the Depression- Connect with the Sensitivity and Free your Mind

Practising Yoga and teaching the practice as a Child of Depression enables me to dive a little deeper into the psychology of how it impacts the brain. The experiences that we perceive in every moment and our little happiness juices the brain releases. It’s a lot to take in. Take a deep breath in and out and open your mind to understanding something beyond reasoning. I’m going to swing it like prose, try to be open-minded if you can.

Children of Depression

Mother Depression lived her whole life in darkness. She is the darkness of the world who has never seen light. Depression is the subconscious state of existence. She lives in the nightmares of your thought-drowning mind. Depression does not see the light. She gives birth to empaths with sensitive souls. Emotional beings with a deep connection to their mother of darkness born into the light of the world. It is the balance of the Universe, the beautiful contradiction of life.

Yoga Philosophy and Psychology of Depression

In Hatha Yoga Philosophy, “Ha” means Sun and “Tha” means Moon. Prana moves through channels or nerves called nadis in Sanskrit. Prana is translated as life force, breath and cosmic consciousness. There are three main nadis. For the sake of mother depression, we will concentrate on the two Nadis that correspond to the left and right hemispheres of the brain and the sympathetic nervous cords in the physical body. The two Nadis influencing Mother Depression-darkness and happiness-light are Ida and Pingala Nadi.

The prana that moves through these Nadis will give you a set of emotions associated with that Nadi or energetic channel. Science has taught us Left and Right brain hemisphere which is very similar if not the same, in my personal opinion.

Learn more about Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Terms

Ida Nadi- Left side of the Body and Right Hemisphere Brain


Ida Nadi- Lunar Energy

  • Governs Intuition and Mentality
  • Represents ‘THA’ meaning moon in sanskrit
  • Negative- Lunar energy
  • Controls the Subconscious Mind
  • Expresses Desire and Complete Creativity
  • Governs Parasympathetic nervous system
  • Correlates with Right Brain Hemisphere
  • Controls Left side of the body including left nostril

Pingala Nadi- Right Side of the Body and Left Hemisphere Brain


Pingala Nadi- Solar Energy

  • Governs Rationality and Logic
  • Represents HA meaning sun in Sanskrit
  • Positive – Solar Energy
  • Controls the Conscious Mind
  • Expresses Vitality and Action
  • Governs Sympathetic nervous system
  • Correlates with Left Brain Hemisphere
  • Controls Right side of the body including right nostril- where we take in prana/ breath

Breathing Exercise for Sun Energy & More Happy Juices – Surya Bheda Pranayama

  1. Take a deep Breath in & out through both nostrils
  2. Place your index finger & middle finger between your eyebrows at the Third eye Chakra
  3. Block the left nostril with your ring finger leaving your baby finger to hang loose
  4. Breath in for 4 counts through your right nostril
  5. Block your right nostril with your thumb
  6. Exhale through your left nostril for 4 breaths
  7. Block your left nostril and Repeat steps 4-7

Remember you are breathing in ONLY through the RIGHT NOSTRIL!

Please use this as a guide to increase vitality. There are many support groups you can join to help better deal with depression.

Here is  Video to help you to better understand this exercise:

Let me know in the comments if those happiness juices start to shine through.

Namaste Beautiful Beings <3


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