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May 23, 2018
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Meditation & Marijuana is a tongue-twisting debate. It’s difficult talking about a plant that is so beneficial yet seen as a threat to society. We are living in a New Age world, luckily. Information is at our fingertips and people of power are finally starting to give us civilians the benefit of the doubt. The freedom of choice, to do what we believe is benefitting us in our own homes. At least that’s the current Cannabis prohibition status in South Africa. That means freedom to talk about it freely and experiment at home. Using Marijuana in Meditation helps you zone into your own Consciousness. This post is about exploring tips on this wonderful phenomenon.

Meditation is a natural, holistic art form practice of eliminating burdens that trouble the mind and zoning into the moment. Being mindful of thoughts and connecting with your ‘Higher Self’ in the process. It has also been scientifically proven as a wellness practice for the brain. Like exercise or Yoga is for the body. It’s difficult to sit still and relax in meditation. To really zone into the moment takes practice and patience. That’s when marijuana comes round and works her magic.

The Debate of Sobriety versus The Meditation & Marijuana Duo

what you see when you connect with your higher self in meditation after smoking marijuana

Connecting with Consciousness through Meditation

I am pro-Meditation & Marijuana. There is no doubt in my mind that what I’m doing can affect me in a negative way. I am not being biased and this post is not about condoning anything. If you can sit still in a quiet room intensively. Listening to sounds or music for 45 mins without thinking. Then you don’t need marijuana. Sobriety wins. It is way better to connect with a clear mind than with a hazy mind. But…

This is not the case for most people because this is a difficult exercise to fulfil. Most people get uncomfortable sitting for long periods even if they are lying down in the meditation. They find it difficult to concentrate on the moment. Instead of zoning in, they zone out. Thinking about what to make for dinner. Or how much they spent over the wkend, etc. They move around and their awareness is totally scattered by outside influences. The truth is that not everyone has the ability to sit quietly and meditate for long-ish periods of time. Getting into the zone is truly difficult.

The Right Mix of Meditation & Marijuana can help you zone into your Consciousness

Visualisation Meditation- How the mind opens to consciousness and exploring intuition through the third eye when you use dynamic combo of Meditation & marijuana

Consciousness is the art of self-awareness. Or as they say in Yoga, reaching Samadhi. A state of being totally aware of the present moment, always. Too often our minds pile up with worries of what’s to come tomorrow and troubled thoughts of what went wrong yesterday. It’s hard for the body to relax when the mind is stressed. Or plagued by anxiety or tension build up. That’s why meditation is a powerful technique of wellness. It gives the mind time to process thoughts and feelings. It helps the brain to switch off and reboot. Creating a deep sense of peace within. Alleviating any pent-up emotions, thoughts or feelings. Once this all happens and the body is totally relaxed, this is when you truly connect with your ‘Higher Self’ or what I prefer to call, my Energy.

Meditation & Marijuana helps you relax. It is known that marijuana produces feelings of Euphoria. Helping the body relax into a more meditative state. Telling the brain to just chill. This helps you to connect more with the moment and go deeper into a meditative state. I know that sometimes it’s hard to really connect and that’s why marijuana is so great. It is for this exact reason.

So who is this Dynamic Combo of Meditation & Marijuana for?

Someone in Lotus Pose getting ready for a Meditation & Marijuana Session as you see the smoke coming from him

Marijuana and Meditation

  • People who already smoke and use Marijuana recreationally or medicinally
  • Someone who is looking to dive deeper into their Sub-Conscious
  • Those who have lost a loved one and are looking to reconnect
  • Individuals walking down the Spiritual Path and looking to connect with their Higher Selves and explore their Consciousness

If you haven’t consumed or smoked Marijuana before please don’t try this at home. It’s quite intense. This is mostly for people who already use marijuana as a form of meditation, without the meditation. Or for those that want to truly connect. If you already meditate but can’t get into the state of ‘opening chakras’ and connecting with your higher self or energy. Then this is going to help you a lot. This could be because your Base Chakra is closed or blocked. You will have to learn how to open chakras before you can reach this state. All Chakra/Energy healing starts at the Base Chakra. Read this Base Chakra Healing Guide, to understand this topic a little better.

What Strain should I be smoking?

This is really a tough topic altogether, because of the prohibition in South Africa. You really want something that is going to help your body to relax but at the same time keep you awake and focused. So something that is going to stimulate the brain rather than send you into couch potato mode. That’s why choosing a Sativa is better for mediation. Although, you still want the body to relax without falling asleep. A Sativa-Indica Hybrid is the strain you’re looking for when meditating. Here is a list of the best strains for Meditation and Why:

  • Sativa High is uplifting and energetic
  • This is what you want your ‘brain’ to be like in mediation
  • It helps with visualization, especially if you’re not good at visualizing
  • Indica gives a high that is similar to a relaxed body- couch potato zoned out mode
  • This is not really what you want in mediation because the point is to stay awake
  • Indica is a ‘dreamer strain’ so if you want to take your meditation and experiment with Lucid Dreaming then that’s another experiment for another day
  • A good mix of Sativa-Indica will help stimulate the brain and imagination (Sativa) and really help the body to relax into a meditative state (Indica)
  • White Widow is a good Sativa/Indica Blend commonly found everywhere
  • Silver Haze is predominantly Sativa
  • Skunk is a great strain for Mediation as it is usually 75% Sativa
  • For us South African’s, Zwazi will take you there as this is a cross breed from Skunk
  • Just ensure it’s top quality or your own Home Grown Blend

The Meditation & Marijuana Conclusion:

It’s a beautiful experience. I still, however, mediate with a clear and sober mind as well. Mixing it up creates the perfect balance, which is what life is all about. I know mediation is a pure thing but sometimes marijuana just helps you to better connect with exactly what you are looking for. With yourself and your vision of what you want to see in meditation.

I also use crystals in my meditation but that is a story for another day. To help your Marijuana Mediation experience you can buy this Amethyst Crystal Smoking Pipe.

If you need a Meditation Guide. I am available for Private Meditation classes. Either with Marijuana or without. You can Book a Skype Session with me or if you are in Cape Town we can connect in person. Send me a message and I’ll get back to you. Here’s to exploring your Consciousness and your beautiful Energy, the New Age Way!


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