Meditation Techniques – Exercise for your Brain Beginners Guide

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May 23, 2018
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Meditation Techniques are easy to implement for those looking to learn meditation. At home, alone. It’s not an easy process. Sitting alone in Meditation without distraction from the mind or external influences. Guided meditations help you to zone into your awareness. Yogi’s use many techniques which we explore in this post. Breathing, Mantras and Visualising are easy beginner tips for Meditation practice. Learn what they are & their benefits and how you can implement them into your everyday life.

Understanding Mediation Techniques for Easy Practice

meditation technique explaining where is my mind gif via giphy

Think of meditation like exercise for your brain. Meditation is a mindful practice that helps to calm the mind. Meditation is not a religion. Many of us practice it secularly. It is a practical tool for understanding yourself and your thoughts. It is a tool used to access the subconscious mind. Where all the over thinking, burdens, fear and anxiety gets stored.

Scientific Reasons for Meditation Benefits

Mindfulness Meditation Techniques for Everyday Mastery

the brain in colour as it would look when practicing mindfulness meditation as a technique

Mindfulness meditation is the process of taking meditation into your everyday life. Using the mindful practice of meditation throughout the day. Observing and not reacting. We often go back and think about why we said things and acted in a certain way at work or in a social setting. Mindfulness Meditation is an antidote for that. Seeing the colour in every situation is key to mindfulness practice.


  • 3 deep breaths in & out before acting on a decision, situation, argument, scenario or thought
  • Meditate every morning for 5 mins -10 mins for one week to notice a change in your everyday awareness

Yogic Meditation Techniques for Everyday Meditation Practice

Diving into meditation head first is tough. It is believed In Hatha Yoga that mastering the body is the foundation for a great meditation practice. Training your body to master your mind. It’s possible you’ll move around a lot in the beginning. You want to master the body and the mind. We are able to master the body through Yoga and Yogic breathing. This is our first Meditation Technique.

Yogic Breathing as a form of Meditation Techniques

Yogic Breathing allows the Yogi to connect with the breath by being conscious of its flow. There are many different Yogic breathing exercises to help you dive deeper into your meditation practice. The foundation of Yogic Breathing goes something like this:

  • Sit in a comfortable meditation posture or lie in Shavasana (Corpse Pose)
  • Relax the whole body and keep your spine up straight
  • Inhale slowly and deeply- allowing the abdomen to expand
  • Feel the air reaching all the way to the bottom of the lungs
  • The chest and ribs expand outwards
  • Inhale again filling the lungs completely
  • The collarbone and shoulders move up
  • The body is relaxed with tension in the shoulders
  • This is on inhale and now begin to exhale
  • As you exhale relax the lower neck & upper chest as the chest contracts downwards and inward
  • The diaphragm begins to push upward and toward the chest
  • Without straining Empty the lungs
  • Hold the breath for a few seconds
  • This is one round of Yogic Breathing
  • First practice, 5 to 10 rounds slowly increasing to 10 minutes daily for a 10 minute meditation practice

Tip: Count 1 AUM, 2 AUM, 3 AUM as you inhale. 1 AUM, 2 AUM, 3 AUM as you exhale for about 10 minutes. You can increase the number of AUMs as you learn to master each inhale and exhale with grace and ease.

Mantras are one of the most profound Meditation Techniques

the best meditation techniques are chanting mantras because they help you to see kaleidoscopes like the one in this picture

Music helps you to focus on the moment. A mantra is a word, syllable or sentence that aids concentration in meditation. Chanting a mantra has a profound effect on your mood. Heres is a list of my favourite Mantras:

  • AUM x 3 – This is the sound of the universe and it connects you to your Third Eye Chakra
  • AUM SHANTI x 3 – Peace to all livings things, peace within me, peace on earth and peace in the Universe
  • OM MANI PADME HUM – Said to be the words of a Buddha, helping you to speak, think and act in accordance with that of a Buddha
  • BIJA MANTRA CHAKRA CHANT- Chanting the seed sound of each Chakra has a profound effect on meditation- Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, AUM

Mantras can be practised in the day or in meditation practice. Don’t let the weirdness of chanting freak you out. It will create magic within.

Tip: Download this Mantra Playlist and use this Meditation Technique to practice at home. Remember to combine this with the first meditation technique of Yogic Breathing.

Learn more about the profound power of music in this Understanding Music Consciousness Article.

Visualisation as a Meditation Technique

visualisation as a technique to floating into meditation gif via giphy

This is something you may have experienced at the beginning or end of a Yoga class. The instructor takes you to a safe place or helps your body to relax by aiding you into a visualisation experience. By relaxing the body and consciously focusing your attention on your chakras points. Guiding you through into a place where you can connect with your higher self. This is a difficult technique to accomplish alone for a beginner. You can practice by visualising the chakra colours combined with the Yogic Breathing technique.

    • Sit in a comfortable meditation posture with your legs crossed on the floor, in a chair with your feet on the ground or lying down in Shavasan (Corpse Pose)
    • Visualise the chakra colours as you concentrate your awareness on your breath
    • Seeing the colour red as you inhale and exhale
    • Imagining the colour orange surround your being as you inhale and exhale etc.
    • Continue picturing each Chakra Colour
    • The Chakra Colours are as follows
    • Base Chakra is Red
    • Sacral Chakra is Orange
    • Solar Plexus Chakra is Yellow
    • Heart Chakra is Green
    • Throat Chakra is Blue
    • Third Eye Chakra is Indigo or White
    • Crown Chakra is Violet

Learn the energy body better in this Free Chakra Guide.

If you feel like you need more help in your meditation practice you can book a private session with me. I will teach you how to set up the best meditation space at home and guide you through a meditation. Together we will discover the Meditation techniques and create a daily meditation practice that’s right for you.


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