A day out in Woodstock- Neighbourgoods Market

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September 13, 2016
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February 18, 2017

The Neighbourgoods Market is an outing not to be missed if ever you’re in Cape Town. Filled to the brim with wkend markets. Local vendors set up shop for the day and wkend ahead. Delectable local and international cuisine are on display. Expect all kinds of goodies, from locally sourced to handmade products and even the thriftiest of vintage finds.

The Neighbourgoods market is an absolute must for the enlightenment of your taste buds. Sensational smells wafting through the air and clouding your judgment. Paddling through a sea of people isn’t the easiest thing to manage when your belly has been complaining almost all day. You stand, squeeze, bump, jump and hop your way around the market. Sometimes it just really is ALL too GOOD to be true, but it’s true and it’s more inviting than ever.

The Neighbourgoods Market Food in Photos

Neighbourgoods Market Vegan and Vegetarian Food

Oysters at Neighbourgoods Market

The choices are hard, the goodness is present and the taste buds are doing the original tango. You know the OG. The oysters sold out like hot cakes. Oysters? YES, real tasty juicy bad boys, you know? I mean everybody loves cake but who knew everybody loves oysters? I guess everybody’s looking for a little romantic spark or someone to be their aphrodisiac. Who knows?

half meat half veg flatbread at Neighbourgoods Market

Filled to the brim with tummy’s bulging, but those lingering eyes are still rolling all over. From left to right and straight back again. Local designers have truly got it going on. Funky, fresh and eye-catching GALORE. What’s not to love? You’re up and down just bouncing around. Scouting it all out. There’s just too many of that one of a kind finds. Thrifting at its best. Although investment pieces got you scuffling deep down into your pockets.

The Designer Goodies at The Neighbour Goods Market

my new shoes from Neighbourgoods Market

my new hand made designer shoes from the Neighbourgoods Market

Investing in a pair of these bad boys is the best decision I’ve made all year. It didn’t come easy, but it was love at first sight. Handmade, crafted with love designer styled shoes.

Designer socks called Feat from Neighbourgoods Market

Woodstock Brewery Opposite The Neighbourgoods Market

Once you have finished your delightful and tantalizing shopping experience. Stop over at the Woodstock Brewery. They make some of the best Craft Beer that Cape Town has to offer. The Only thing left to add to the beauty and fun of a day out in Woodstock would be a bicycles trip down that daunting green lane. I wouldn’t suggest this though. You can rent bicycles and cycle along the promenade for a better bicycling experience. A day out in Woodstock and experiencing The Neighbour Goods market is a Saturday well spent. Definitely, something I would suggest for travellers visiting Cape Town for the first time.

If you are looking to get out of Cape Town City for a Backpacking experience. Read this post review about Bayside Beach House Backpackers. A nice escape from the Mother City. Roughly 2 hours from Cape Town.

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