For the love of Pai Thailand

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Pai Thailand is found up high in the hills of Me HonSon. You can leave from Chang Mai city in the North of Thailand. A nauseous minivan trek through the mountains up to Pai Thailand is where any traveller can get stuck falling in love.

Packed with many treats for every traveller’s need. These exotic treats consist of Yoga, Muay Thai, Kung Fu and Meditation retreats along with their counterpart contradictions. Beer bars, hippie hangouts, reggae bars, burger joints and milkshake shacks all encompassed into one big fat tasty Pai.

A Place called Pai Thailand is where Travellers get Stuck

No words can explain the magic of Pai. It’s more of a visual experience that you feel deep in your soul. If you rent a scooter and ride around you will experience the rich biodiversity of Pai. A warm and welcoming town at the top of the mountains. rich in Thai and Chinese culture alike. A place where one can really feel grounded and immersed in nature.

I went to Pai in the middle of the rainy season in Thailand. The beauty of each raindrop. The heavy clouds coming in. Plus everyone knows Thailand is a hot and humid country. It was a really interesting and refreshing experience, to see such cold wet weather. Nature at her absolute finest.

The best of my Pai Thailand Experience in Photos

drinking herbal tea in pai thailand

Herbal Tea at the top of the Mountain in Pai Thailand

At the top of the mountains in Pai, Thailand you’ll discover a magical viewpoint. Here you can buy herbal tea and watch the misty mountains melt into the clouds.

Chinese temple in Pai thailand

Chinese Temple in Pai Thailand.

Pai is rich in Chinese culture. Here you can discover beautiful temples and places for exploring cultural diversion.

riding in the countryside in pai thailand

Trip up the Country Side in Pai Thailand

If you aren’t really much of a culture enthusiast you can enjoy a quiet ride in the countryside.  At the top of the hill, not far from the main city in Pai. There is a viewpoint which is unreachable by motorbike. Remeber Pai is tiny. Perhaps you can test the hypothesis and see if you can make it to the top of the viewpoint.

scooter mission up the hill in pai thailand

Scootering up the Hill

It’s one hell of a journey missioning up to the top hills in Pai.

waterfall in pai thaialnd

Waterfall in Pai Thailand

Discovering Wellness in Pai, Thailand

Health and wellness shops are in abundance in Pai, Thailand. I remember having my first ever wheat-grass shot here. I can’t remember the name of my favourite health shop/restaurant. The health restaurant was opposite Boom Bar. A party place where you can dance the night away. If and when you wake up with a hangover you can try this wheatgrass shot.

health shots in Pai Thailand

Wheat-Grass Shot in Pai Thailand

I ate the whole Pai and loved it. Pai Thailand is rich in culture and basted within the scenery. It is a must-visit destination if you ever find yourself in Thailand. If you are looking for Travel advice on where to go from Pai, Thailand. Read this article Travelling Laos. 

Many travellers decide to head to Laos from Pai, Thailand. If you are one of those travellers you may want to reconsider your decision or think about the route and journey you are about to partake on. Thailand is a country rich in Travel opportunities. It is relatively cheap for South Africans to travel around in Thailand. We are truly able to explore, dine and enjoy ourselves on a shoe-string budget without breaking the bank.

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