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Sound Vibration Meditation Extension- Guided 15 Minutes of Zen Sounds
January 16, 2020
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Guided Sound Vibration Meditation – 10 mins of tuning in


Introduction to sound vibration as a form of meditation. Join me on a journey into your inner mind as we focus on sounds that allows us to dive into deep state of meditation. In this 10 minute introduction to sound vibration meditation you’ll be guided by Himalayan singing bowls, my voice & basic breath awareness. The bowls release Theta brain waves allowing the mind to easily switch off and prepare for the stillness that is meditation. Little to no meditation experience is needed for this.


Guided sound vibration meditation is perfect for your home practice. Meditating by yourself is no easy task. Therefore you can use this MP3 download to help guide you. Especially when you feel like you need 10 minutes of stillness. To just zen out and tune in. By letting go of the day. You can use this meditation to guide you. Especially if it’s been a busy day. Just play it on your speaker and zone into a meditative space. As you bathe in the sounds of Himalayan singing bowls.

Bathe in the sounds of Himilayan Singin Bowls in this guided vibration meditation

A combination of sound and a guiding voice. So you can destress and relax. Because meditation is hard work. To be meditatively daily we need to let go. Sometimes it is very difficult to switch off. Because we have so much going on. And we are constantly thinking about the things we still need to do. Or the things we should have done. These thoughts are rushing through our minds. And that is why many6 people choose meditation. So they can turn these thoughts off.