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Guided Sound Vibration Meditation – 10 mins of tuning in
January 16, 2020
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Yoga Nidra Sound Healing Relaxation Meditation 45 Mins
January 16, 2020
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Sound Vibration Meditation Extension- Guided 15 Minutes of Zen Sounds


An extension mediation of the introduction to Sound Vibration Meditation. Adding just 5 minutes extra of sound. This meditation is great for those who are looking to make meditation part of their daily routine. A perfect meditation for starting or ending your day. Ideal for absolute beginners or intermediate meditators. In this meditation you are introduced to sound & breath awareness. Great for those who suffer from anxiety & overthinking. The sounds distract the mind from thinking allowing the brain to release theta brain waves & access the unconscious. Great for releasing stagnant energy, stuck past trauma, PTSD & negative thoughts patterns.



And Sound Vibration Meditation will take you on an inner trip of healing

Sound vibration meditation will help you to be more mindful daily. This is a 5-minute extension meditation. I will be using mantra meditation in this meditation. Mantra is an amazing practice of chanting.  We will chant the sound of om. This helps us to concentrate during the meditation. Therefore this meditation explores the healing sounds of Himalayan/ Tibetan singing bowls. And this is a 5-minute extension of my Sound Vibration Introduction Meditation for absolute beginners. So please enjoy the profound benefits of sound vibration meditation in one of these two downloadable MP3 meditations.

Listen to my voice guide you through some healing sounds from Himalayan Singing Bowls

  • Himalayan singing bowls help bring about Theta brain wave activity
  • This helps us to concentrate on the moment
  • My voice will guide you through the entire 15-minute meditation
  • There are snippets of just the bowls for you to bathe in

Meditation practices help us to cultivate mindfulness. And by being meditative daily, new doors and opportunities open to us. Instead of being a slave to our minds, we become aware of our thoughts. And becoming aware of thoughts enables us to better control our emotions. Ultimately once we are in control of our emotions we become the master of our minds.

Meditation teaches us to master our minds

Many yogis have said it over and over again. And science is beginning to prove it too. Meditation is a powerful tool of inner strength, courage and determination. By reprogramming your mind. To become more mindful. To be more aware of thoughts, burdens and insecurities. So you can grow and become a better version of your current self.

How to practice this meditation

  • Lay down on your back in corpse post
  • Or sit up nice and straight and cross your legs
  • Alternatively use a chair to sit in
  • Close your eyes
  • Follow the instructions
  • This meditation is best played on a speaker or as surround sound
  • But you can also use headphones- please adjust the sound for headphones