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15 Minute Sound Meditation Music with Himilayan Singing Bowls
February 4, 2021
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10 Minute Meditation Music- Tongue Drum & Singing Bowl
February 4, 2021
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Chakra Tuning Meditation- 7 minutes of Zen



Chakra Tuning Meditation Sounds for Balancing your Chakras in 7 minutes

Chakra tuning sound meditation to connect with your inner kundalini. 7 minutes of chakra balancing using Himalayan singing bowls and a tongue drum. Therefore great for emotional release, balancing emotions. For instance, dealing with stress and anxiety caused by unwanted and uncontrollable emotions.

What is Chakra Tuning Meditation?

Chakra tuning meditation is music for meditation practice. Therefore it is high vibration music that helps release certain brave waves. To help guide our restless minds. We can use all kinds of instruments in sound meditation. Even music itself is a form of sound meditation. As some music may make you feel happy. While other music can make you feel sad. Which is all a form of emotional release. And in some way is a form of meditation. Although this music is created with specific instruments used in yogic tradition to enhance the meditative experience and ultimately balance your Chakras.

What is Chakra Balancing?

Chakra balancing is the practice of balancing the energy body through the Chakra system using yogic practices. There are 7 Chakras that all govern different aspects of you.  In order to feel balanced physically, mentally and spiritually. We can therefore use vibration healing. Through the Himalayan singing bowls with musical notes that correlate to the 7 chakras.

Why do I need Chakra Tuning Sound Music for Meditation Practice?

Sound meditation is a great alternative to silent meditation. Importantly, sound meditation is perfect for you if you feel like you can’t switch off in your meditation practice. As well as the accumulation of your thoughts. Therefore you can use the music to help guide your monkey mind. Maybe the music will bring up blocked emotions or stuck energy. Things that need to surface for growth. It should be noted that his sound meditation is made with 7 Chakra tuned singing bowls. Even so, It is great for Chakra balancing and releasing emotional tension. Subsequently, if you suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness, stress and anxiety. Absolutely great for dream work and self-hypnosis.

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