Rainy Chang Mai – When to Travel the North of Thailand

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August 13, 2015

Rainy Chang Mai (May-September) is ideally not the best time to visit the mountainous North of Thailand. In Thailand, it doesn’t rain it pours. It’s also not that easy to get around. The weather is warmish but your drenched body scooting through the wind on a scooter is scary.

Sometimes we choose to travel when the weather is not in our favour. It’s cheaper and less busy.  You have to compromise. Deal with the rain is challenging. It’s very unpleasant. Scooters are what make Chang Mai easy and cheap for the traveller. It’s a tough choice. I wouldn’t recommend Chang Mai during the rainy season.  The budget traveller can still enjoy Rainy Chang Mai and it’s cultural delicatessens.

Rainy Chang Mai’s Delicious Goodness

The food can be enjoyed during the rainy season. If you are a foodie and lover of tasteful deliciousness then why not? I am now a Vegetarian but before I turned ‘Green’ this was my favourite Northern Thai Dish.

Koh Soy- Creamy and Spicy Noodle soup with chicken and some sort of crunchy crunch on top

koh soy a traitional northern thai dish with chicken

Koh Soy

The Views of the Mountains with the clouds in Rainy Chang Mai

the view from the aeroplane in rainy Chang Mai

The upside of travelling during the rainy season is that you get to see nature at its prime. The beauty lies in the greenery. The mountains are lush and pretty to look at during this time.

 You can still Temple Run during Rainy Chang Mai

JD Laung Temple during rainy Chang Mai

JD Laung Temple

All of the temples in the North of Thailand are outside. It rains a lot during this season but there will always be lucky days. This temple is a beautiful place vast and ready to be explored. Here are some of my the temples I saw in Chang Mai:

  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
  • Wat Chedi Liam

If you don’t have a lot of time to explore the temples. Read this The Best Temples in Chang Mai.  

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