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My Vegan Life
October 16, 2017
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November 2, 2017

Seven Levels Vegan is a personal joke and guide to help newbie Vegans. We all know that the Vegan Diet is a difficult commitment to follow. This post is about dividing the Vegan journey into seven levels. The changes that you go through on the Vegan Diet. There are so many different ‘types’ or ‘levels’ of Vegan. In terms of what is considered ethical or what is actually considered part of the Vegan diet. This post is dedicated to all of those that have pondered, “What Level of Vegan am I on?”

This question has consumed my Vegan Life. In my whole three months of being Vegan and during the Vegilicious Cape Town Vegan Challenge. It’s more complicated than I thought. So I’ve created a solution. A guide for seven levels Vegan, making Vegan life and other non-Vegans’ lives easier. Below is an easy guide to discover just what kind of Vegan you are, based on a Seven Level grading.

Seven Levels Vegan Inspiration for the Vegan Journey

Level One Vegan – Becoming the Change on the Seven Levels Vegan Guide


Level One of Seven Levels Vegan means either you’ve been converted by a friend, a film or you going to the next step. Vegetarians are basically Level One Vegans.

  • Occasionally eats ice-cream on the sly
  • Will eat milk chocolate gifted by non-vegans and on wk ends
  • Indulges in pizza
  • No Superpowers attained at this stage
  • Eats: Mostly starch; bread and potatoes like fries, chips, baked potato and mashed potato with Veg and salad on the side
  • How to spot a Level One Vegan: They constantly tell you how hungry they are

Level Two Vegan – The Realisation Level

Level two vegan first realisation of seven levels vegan realising meat is a by product of murder gif

Level Two Vegan

Once you’ve unlocked Level Two Vegan you consciously start reading labels and buying animal-by-product-free products. You’re still transitioning into being a Vegan. At this level, you will feel disappointed as you realise that there are animal products in almost everything. You also learn/realise that leather isn’t Vegan. The realisation makes you feel either sad, guilty or disappointed.

  • Occasionally eats food like bread or cookies that says may contain cows milk
  • Probably will cheat at least once a month, this Vegan thing is hard
  •  Is still used to eating food that represents meat and animal products like cheese
  • Eats: Vegan-friendly convenience food like Vegan mince and sausages or Vegan pies with starch and veggies on the side
  • How to spot a level two Vegan: Still drinks honey in their tea or coffee

Level Three Vegan – The Educational Breakdown of what Seven Vegan Levels are like

The magic of level three vegan gif Scot Pilgrim vs The World

Level Three Vegan

This is the level of magic, where you consume your mind with everything Vegan, from documentaries about animal cruelty and slaughterhouses to learning about food and how to nourish yourself properly. At this stage, your skin starts glowing because your diet is so clean and you feel completely in sink with nature.

  • Doesn’t support beauty and cosmetic companies that test on animals
  • This is the level that Vegan superpowers can get activated
  • You start becoming more mindful
  • More green
  • Eats: Mostly raw food, the path of discovery leads you down the raw road of reality
  • How to spot a Level Three Vegan: Their skin glows, they eat only rabbit food and they start voicing their Vegan opinions

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Level Four Vegan – The Converting Level

The converting phase level four vegan minions dancing and cheering gif as they almost at seven levels vegan

Level Four Vegan

This is the level of comfort. You start becoming comfortable in your Vegan skin. Voicing your opinion without sounding like a pushy Vegan. You’re conscious of everything around you and you feel more alive than ever. You’re aware and most importantly your happiness starts shining from the inside out.

  • The only way to move to level five is by converting your first non-Vegan
  • Unlocking Superpowers is attained through spreading the word of the Vegan Life
  • Eats: A variety of cooked and raw foods, like Vegan Cashew pasta, Raw Vegan Lasagna, fresh spring rolls and smoothies blended with varietals of Plant Power nutrients
  •  How to spot a level 4 Vegan: Has the full Vegan Glow but still occasionally wears the leather goods

 Level Five Vegan- Unlocking the Superpowers

The levels of Vegan are complicated but do in fact exist. In real life, on the internet and on the telly. I’m not just making this up. Although it has been quite fun thinking it out.

  • Conscious about recycling and always picks up rubbish on the beach
  • Owns at least one Vegan item/outfit like Dr Martins Vegan Boots
  • Eats: At Vegan restaurants only
  • How to spot a level Five Vegan: They glow with an Indigo colour- a rare aura colour that symbolises the respect of all life forms, intuition and consciousness

 Level Six Vegan – The Power of being Self-Sustainable

Level six Vegan being self sustainable minions laughing and shouting yay we vegan

Level Six Vegan

This level involves living entirely in tune with nature, consciously aware of all beings. Eliminating every aspect of animal products in your everyday life.

  • Uses absolutely no animal or by-animal products
  • Stopped using their car because of the animal products (stearic acid) used in tyres and for the sake of the environment
  • Or switched their current tyres for Michelin tyres, which is Vegan-friendly
  • Makes their own Vegan-friendly beauty and skin care products, cleaning products and/or medicine
  • Eats: Fresh fruit and Vegetables from their own garden
  • How to spot a level Six Vegan: Uses only public transport like the train or has a bicycle, skateboard or any other kind of environmentally-friendly form of transport, also always brings their own-packed lunch

Level Seven Vegan – Superpowers Unleashed

Level seven vegan super powers unleashed gif Scot Pilgrim vs the World

Level Seven Vegan

Vegan Superpowers unleashed…

  • Able to convert non-Vegans through their bright glowing aura of consciousness,- no words, videos or debating needed
  • Intuitive
  • Through every situation, they are mindful, aware and conscious
  • Understands the language of the universe
  • Can read other people’s energy/thoughts
  • Some say they can fly but I’ve never seen a flying Vegan and I wouldn’t personally try this at home
  • Eats: The rainbow
  • How to spot a Level Seven Vegan: You can’t spot them, only they can spot you

I hope this guide helps define your Vegan Life better. It’s not meant to be taken literally or personally. Rather this is dedicated to the love of Veganism and all that it stands for. A little something that pokes fun at the difficulty of living a Vegan Life due to societal mainstream consumerism.

If you’re still on the fence about where you belong in the Vegan world, take this Vegan Quiz by BuzzFeed


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