Shamanic Healing Techniques – A workshop for Creative Expression

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Shamanic Healing Techniques- Workshop Review

Shamanic healing techniques are growing in popularity. People are starting to look to alternative forms of healing. We often overlook creative expression as something that needs healing. Forgetting that healing can go as deep as this. Shamanic healing techniques like Shamanic poetry is a great technique to unlocking your creativity. In this workshop, Leigh Goodman explores and teaches you how to use this technique

The vampire of self-expression is sucking the inspiration of my being dry. Creating something commonly known as writer’s block. This happens for different reasons. Stress, depression and anxiety. Mundane routine or whatever else. This workshop helped unlock that blockage. Leigh Goodman from Journey through Dance teaches a workshop called Shamanic Poetry which incorporates Shamanic Healing Techniques to awaken your creative expression.

 What are Shamanic Healing Techniques?

picture depicting automatic writing which is a form of shamanic healing techniques

Shamanic Healing Technique- Automatic Writing

They are techniques for tapping into the sub-conscious. Through sound, writing, meditation and visualisation. For writing, Leigh uses a technique called automatic writing. It’s basically a process of writing whatever comes to your mind without thinking. Leigh uses a mix of this, sound and visualisation. It helps you tap into thoughts in the subconscious.

What happens in the workshop that incorporates Shamanic Healing Techniques?

A theme is set for each workshop. The workshop is intuitively guided with a card pack called, Medicine for the Soul’. The cards represent different themes of Shamanic medicine. We all received different cards. Each card depicts the sun (theme) in a certain setting. My visualisation of ‘the sun’ manifested to be exactly what I picked up from the card pack at the end of the class. Pretty surreal, right? You can learn more about Leigh’s card pack on her website.

How did the workshop on Shamanic Healing techniques help me?

I left the workshop feeling more in touch with my thoughts. Aligned with my creative expression.  Understanding my imagination and how to express it. I learnt how to tap into my own creativity. Removing blockages that are stunting my creative expression. I am officially free from the dreaded writers’ block.

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