The Reality of Solo Travel

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August 13, 2015
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January 21, 2017

Thinking of doing a Solo Travel expedition? Pondering over the lone wolf mission? Wondering if Barbie can go gallivanting without Ken?

Solo Travel may be something you want to consider in the future. Many people embark on a one-man mission. Some out of curiosity and others for personal reasons, perhaps. There’s no doubt that travelling gives the mind perspective. Solo Travel is a definite game changer in the travel agenda.

Here are 5 realities of Solo Travel

1. Everything is a mission when you’re a Solo Traveller

Getting around isn’t tough alone. Manning up on your google maps skills by owning the train system is tricky. The hardest part is chucking up the courage to speak horrible German. There’s no trusted companion to advise. To give an opinion of whether or not you’re doing a lousy job with directions. You have to go without hysterical giggling. Moments of trying to cross the communication barriers with outsiders. No friend for encouraging or hand gesture contributing as you spit-ball insulting sounding German. Ken isn’t there to carry your overweight roller bag up or those daunting stairs. It’s only you and the excess baggage you’ve been dragging around.

2. Making friends is like having Borderline Split Personality disorder

We all know how hard it can be to make friends. Hostels do cater for the solo traveller. Look for those. It’s tricky to make decisions on where to stay. What kind of people will book at this hostel? What are the ratings and facilities like? Everyone is different. Your chance of making friends with people you really click with is borderline. You may meet peeps that you connect with or you may make friends with people just for the sake of not having to share a brewsky with loneliness.

3. Clubbing alone is Not a Viable Option

Ever rocked a festival alone? No tent, no friends, nada. That’s borderline irresponsible. An underground techno club? I think this one is self explanatory. You draw far too much attention to yourself, negative and positive. Ok no, mostly negative. 5am lost walking in a city that never seems to sleep, people riding bicycles with drinks in hand. People are up and about. Dancing, smoking, drinking. You want to join the party. You can’t communicate. To chance the chance or walk the walk? Really, it’s almost always 50/50.

4. Kind people aren’t extinct- They’re Alive and Kicking and Waiting to be met on your Solo Travels 

Communication barriers are real. You may think people are rude.  People think you’re rude by judging body language and mannerisms. If you stay calm and express your true emotions at the time people will retaliate in a positive way. Creating a good karmic energy is legit a thing. We are all in the same boat as travellers.  Return the favour. Whatever you dish out today gets served tomorrow. I live to tell the tale of the found kind people in a very dark world. That’s what makes solo adventure a thrill. Meeting strangers that pass over small gestures of kindness. Knowing that they’ll probably never see you again. That gives the soul a little sparkle to the burnt out candle of hope for humanity.

5. You Learn more about Yourself 

Traveling alone isn’t the easiest decision to make as a woman. Being brave enough to take the plunge. You learn things you would never have learnt if you were travelling with a friend or partner. The freedom to be whomever you want. No shadows lingering over you and for the first time, you feel comfortable in your own skin. You’ve handled situations you never imagined you could. Explored places without getting miserably lost. Communicated in foreign languages you had nightmares about. Listened to stories that touched your soul. Experienced brand new feelings that changed your thinking mentality forever. You’ve learnt how to control your own emotions and you have a better understanding of who you are as a person and what your place is in the world. You feel independent with a drive for living.

The conclusion of Solo Travel

There are many challenges one will face as a solo traveller. For every challenge faced, a lesson is learnt in return. Just as for every negative there is a positive and with every sad feeling comes a corresponding happy feeling. Solo travel taught me how to get along with my alter ego.

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