Everything you need to know about Sound Healing

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January 10, 2022

Sound Healing is an alternative and holistic practice as ancient as the buddha. But today this holistic therapy is a loose term used to help aid those in healing. Through the sacred practice of sound, vibrational frequencies or energy healing. Therefore it is is a kind of alternative healing/therapy that can aid you in your healing process. Because it can help you to be calmer. Not to mention more in control of your emotions. And of course, de-stressed. So you can relax deeply into a meditative state of mind. By accessing your subconscious.

What are the different types of Sound Healing?

There are so many different kinds of sound therapy. Including different types of techniques. Here is an idea of what kinds of sound healing sessions you could experience during a sound healing session:

  • Singing bowl therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Mantra meditation
  • Binaural beats
  • Tuning fork therapy
  • Vibrational sound therapy
  • Kirtan
  • Gong bath

Using Singing Bowls to Channel Energy for Healing

The magic about sound meditation is the divine practice of channelling. There is a specific kind of frequency that each bowl produces. That frequency has a direct impact on your brain. The bowl helps the brain to release theta brain waves. Allowing you to deeply relax and access your subconscious state. Theta brain wave activity is most frequented when you are sleeping and dreaming. Therefore by consciously listening to the bowls during meditation, you are able to access your intuition, thought processes. And open up to mind-body connection.

Himalayan/ Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

There are many different forms of using vibration as a healing modality. In fact in singing bowl therapy, each bowl’s frequency is specific. Because the chakra system is used. So each bowl is aligned to the frequency of the 7 chakras. Which makes this the perfect practice for balancing chakras. Aka balancing your energy. Through the divine practice of channelling and sound meditation.

If this is something you would like to experience join me in and around Cape Town for Yogic Psychic Sleep Sound Meditation. A magical combined practice of sound healing and Yoga Nidra. At Soul Healing Center. Or send me a message for a private session or even just a chat about this divine practice.

Still not convinced that this practice could change your mental programming? Then read more about what Yoga Nidra is. And awaken to the magic within.

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