Spiritual Goals for 2019

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November 25, 2018
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January 8, 2020

Spiritual Goals for 2019? Open your third eye and begin to see the world intuitively. 7 tips for each day of the week. Time to awaken Ajna Chakra, The third eye and doorway to Intuitive living.

2018 saw a rise in consciousness. People started ‘waking up’. Maybe you felt the shift? It’s 2019 and you’re leaving the ‘bad vibes’ behind. For many 2018 was a year of drastic spiritual growth. Meeting people who ‘changed their lives’ for the better or worse. Realising oh, wow, this person is quite ‘spiritual’ or ‘out there’.

The spiritual community is growing. Isn’t that nice? We saw a rise in the ‘love and light’ kids. Crystal children glowing. Lightworkers popping up on Facebook feeds. Mindfulness coaches and Yoga’s been there all along. We all know Yoga is a spiritual practice. Look past Boga (Body Yoga) to see the doorway to your energy body. Spark the light to your soul. Start with Intuition.

Spiritual Goals and Religious Talk

Religion shouldn’t have a toll on spirituality. You can be religious and still delve in spirituality. There is truth in every religion but it’s 2019. Many of us have outgrown the prejudice, rules and conformity of ancient scriptures and outdated belief systems. We have evolved. Consciousness is a state of mind. Intuition is the doorway to higher levels of living. Be religious, spiritual, both or none. Be open-minded. Find your own way, trust your intuition. Do what feels right in your heart. Why is intuition a key factor in Spirituality? It allows you to see things for how they really are. Thinking and living intuitively.

Intuition is the path to obtaning Spiritual Goals in 2019

Intuition is a key factor in spirituality. This year learn to cultivate your intuition with these 7 tips. One to practice each day of the week:

1. Spiritual Goals include being Meditative

Meditation is key to awakening your inner intuition. Make it part of your daily routine. Whether you are cultivating mindfulness, sitting in silence for 5 minutes. Singing a mantra or drawing a picture. Meditation is all around you. Learn how to be meditative in everything you do in 2019. Become aware. As you brush your teeth, straighten your hair and eat your food.

2. Self- Reflection

Self-love was a major theme in 2018. Many of us had to go back and forgive our past selves. Self-reflection is similar in a sense. Reflection is key to igniting intuition in Ajna Chakra. Do not think of it as dwelling on the past. Self-reflect on the present. Become aware of your current situation. How much you like it or hate it. By reflecting on our current predicament we allow ourselves to think outside the box. Activating the trigger of intuition in your brain.

3. Auto- Suggestion

Self-reflection can make you feel bad about yourself or the current situation. Eg. in a bad situation or loveless predicament. Your present situation will make you feel trapped. This is where auto-suggestion can be your best friend. Decide what you want and auto-suggest it to yourself every day.

Auto -Suggestion Tips:

  • Keep a journal and write it down like you do an affirmation & repeat it in your head in the morning & in the evenings
  • E.g: I can read the situation intuitively, my third eye is opening, I attract love, I see colour, etc.
  • Always repeat it, 3 times, 7 times, 21 times, 63 times or 108 times
  • These are all magical numbers that ‘call on manifesting energy’ or ‘spirit-guides’ to help you obtain your desired goal

4. Chant! Chant! Praise! Your way to reaching your Spiritual Goals

Sing, dance and trance. Life is meant to be enjoyed and praised daily. Enjoy doing mundane tasks. Practice them mindfully. Notice the difference. How you feel. Do chores with a full heart. When you feel irritated or agitated chant AUM. Play a mantra like Gayatri Mantra. Irritation, agitation, fear, anger & confusion cloud intuition. Whenever you feel these emotions. Chant, chant or praise. Sing a whole song word for word, dance into the moment or chant yourself into a trance.

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5. Moon Gazing & Practices – Cultivate Moon Energy – Creativity, Femininity & Intuition

Ah, it’s the year of the Moon. I firmly believe it’s the year of the moon. Feminine energy and intuition are buzzing this year. The doorway is opening. The energy is there for channelling. Practice moon gazing. A form of meditation with the moon.

  • Set New Moon Intentions- with crystals & meditation or journaling
  • Manifest at Full Moon by grounding your intentions- get in touch with nature, praise nature, walk barefoot, embrace the earth’s energy and open the gates to manifesting
  • Moon Meditation with open eyes aka Moon Gazing
  • Moon Salutations at New Moon & Full Moon or Every Evening

6. Dream Exercises

Is intuition a dreamy experience? Deja vu, daydreaming and accidental naps are no co-incident. Connect with your sub-conscious. The dream state. Tap into intuition by clearing impressions stored in the subconscious mind. It’s like ‘mindful sleep.’ Intuintively Revitalizing. This one is for the yogi-nis.

  • Practice Yoga Nidra – Yogic Psychic Sleep or Sleep Meditation
  • Day time exercise: Ask yourself, am I dreaming now?
  • Keep a Dream Journal

7. Acknowledge Ajna Chakra the Eye of Intuition

This one is simple. Become aware of your third eye. It’s the doorway to a higher dimension of experiencing. It’ll take you on a psychedelic trip into your own mind’s eye.

  • Focus your inward attention on your eyebrow center during meditation
  • Give yourself a third eye massage
  • Gaze your eyes towards your third eye

May 2019 be the year of Intuitive living for all. Let me know in the comments if these tips work for you.

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