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Locked Up 2020: Diary entry 21 May 2020
December 6, 2020
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30 feelers ya feeling as your turning dirty thirty
January 28, 2021

Spiritual goals for 2021, I suggest you wear a helmet and hold onto your safety belt because things are about to get uncomfortable. It’s a brand new year. Let’s start on a new page. But many of us have faced the most challenging year of our lives. 2020 was like a bad joke and if you think 2021 is going to be any better then you are one of those people that breed fake positivity. Let’s just be realistic. For the collective things are getting dark. But numerology number 5 holds significant change and a positive message for 2021.

Spirtual goals 2021 Numerology number 5

The numerology of 2021 is 5. (2+0+2+1=5) Astrologers predict that if this number is in your chart you will be most affected by the emerging energy that is instore from 2021. Numerology number 5 predicts great change. Which we know is happening especially after a year like 2020. We have the chance to flow with the great change that numerology number 5 brings. Time to embrace the dismantling of our systemic world. Although the number 5 brings in positivity, hopes of freedom, change and travel. These things seem like merely a dream right now.

Read more about Numerology number 5 from sites that have helped me work out my Spiritual Goals in 2021:

Do you have any spiritual goals for 2021?

The global pandemic has forced us to think about our spiritual goals in 2021. The pandemic has changed the way people process death. In reality, death is a part of life. But with a global pandemic going on and the Earth purging. You surely can’t help but think about your life spiritually or what happens to you after you die. Numerology number 5 is all about balance. 2021 is forcing us to balance our spiritual and material world. To rethink the way we do things here on Earth. Including what we believe.

Death of religion and religious gatherings rise of non-denomination Spirituality

The truth about religion is something I find very uncomfortable to talk about. I am opinionated and anti-religion. Because I was born in a Christian home and never missed one Christmas service till the age of 25. Therefore sometimes I feel if I speak negatively about Christianity, I am in some way insulting my ancestors and those who do believe and follow religious practices, religiously. Although, I have explored many different religions including Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism.

All religions lead to the same message expressed but written differently. You can be buddha like and christ conscious. That is why I do not follow any religious practices. Because religions have been at war with each other over who the messiah is, for centuries. Arguing over truth when there are in fact multidimensional layers of truth in messages of all different languages coming from people that were considered messiahs or god(s). This is a war that will hopefully end in 2021 as people move toward expressing ideas such as:

  • Spiritual or believing in the magic of the universe but not religious
  • Spiritual but not affiliated with any one religion
  • Spirituality that does not regard organized religion and gathering as the most important aspect of spiritual growth or afterlife theories

Earth is the lowest level of consciousness- Do you want to come back to hell?

In case you haven’t already noticed. Earth is the lowest level of consciousness. Call me crazy, call me out there, say I’m on a spiritual bypass but let’s be honest. For the collective of earthlings, creatures, inhabitants and the Earth’s biodiversity, Earth isn’t the greatest place to live. People are dying daily from diseases that just keep popping up and getting worse over time. Hello, Corona Virus? Although science and medicine have changed the way we live drastically. Corruption has also taken a hold of many. Resulting in people not knowing what to believe or even who to trust. And then of course there is the G-word. GLOBAL WARMING! Another pandemic we are facing. That doesn’t gain enough attention.

This is hell. It could be heaven for you. Because life is what you make of it. But that doesn’t change the fact that Earth is heaven (for some) on hell. Nobody will burn in hell when they die because we are here living in the fumes of it. Do you really want to come back to this level? I guess this only applies if you believe in reincarnation. Even if you don’t after a year like 2020 it doesn’t hurt to have some spiritual goals lined up for a more soulful lifestyle before you kick the bucket.

So here I present to you my Spiritual Goals for 2021 with examples:

I hope that you too can apply this into your life for direction, certainty and guidance in a troubling year with a magical numerology number 5. The halfway point between 1 and 9. The balance we all need in our lives. Perhaps even a ripe age of our mother the Earth. She’s been raped, ravaged and polluted by her very own inhabitants and children.

7 Practices for Spirtual Goals in 2021

Reflect on your life path number & PY number

Use numerology to reflect on your year ahead to determine what you’d like to manifest and what you are working towards -allowing your spiritual world and material world to balance. If I reflect on my life path number 8 and PY number 2. I can see clear messages and suggestions of what I need to do to work on myself. 8 representing infinity. Life path number eight is the mental balance of power. Balance of work and play. Success and failure. My personal year number is 2 and according to numerologist.com, it is the year of transformation. This site is truly amazing and I have learnt so much about myself just through numbers. You can use their site to work out your personal year number with a detailed free personalized 2021 forecast.

Reduce toxicity including people, practices, ideas, relationships and objects

Taking the courage to identify the things that breed toxicity in your life. It could be a family member, a friend, a past experience, hurtful arguments or late-night scrolling. The easiest thing would be to cut these things out of your life completely. But we know that is unrealistic. So set some boundaries for yourself and others while still being civil, to reduce the number of toxic relationships in your life. You won’t always be everyone’s cup of tea. Give time to those who love you as much as you do.

Manage your time, money & relationships

We all know time is precious. If anything that is a main theme 2020 taught me. This life is short. Time is money, unfortunately, we still live in a skewed system of the death tax, disease and unemployment. Living costs money, try to be more proactive when you say you will do something or you won’t do it. Save for disaster scenarios like 2020. Stick to your decision on what is best for you first. Manage who gets to spend time with you. Balance your give and take. And don’t be one of those takers in 2021, time to grow up!

Let go – time to start therapy

Life is what it is. It’s short. People are dying every day. You could wake up tomorrow with bad news. Say sorry, talk it out, forgive and forget. Move on. Let go of the hurt you’re holding onto. Seek professional help. Therapy comes in all forms and there is an array of holistic therapy available online.

Use sound meditation therapy as a kind of self-hypnosis for relaxation, stress and anxiety

Manage your Mental Health by tracking your anxiety 2020 was rough

Anxiety is something that affects us all. 2020 was an anxious year. We are all dealing with a lot of stress from coronavirus that shows up in anxiety. Reflect on what triggered your anxiety and journal about it. Rather than brushing it under the bed. Deal with it so that it subdues slowly, rather than triggering you again and again.

Be more consistent with your time management, if you want to succeed at something you have to set time to practice weekly

It’s a great idea to start doing things you’ve always wanted to. Or thingsd you never had the time to. Maybe you wanted to learn a new language. Whatever it is be consistent with your time and dedication. If you put in the hours you are bound to succeed.

Embrace your shadow

We have to embrace the shadow to see the light. Just like we have to understand our weaknesses and strengths. Know what to work on and continue with what is working.

If you are looking for Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing online classes, I am here. All the best for 2021.

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