Sun Child

Signal Hill, Cape Town
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September 7, 2017
Khanyisa Plant day image in garden
Khanyisa – Plant Day
September 18, 2017

How to tell if you’re a Sun Child-lover of the sun and summer

There is many pre-summer jitters sun children experience in the build-up from spring to summer. A Sun Child is the happiest in warm weather with plenty of sunshine. It’s believed the environment we find ourselves in affects our mood and energy. As the sun fuels our energy with positivity and light during darkness, we are the happiest versions of ourselves during spring and summer.

Winter is officially over and I’ve completely come out of my cave. In winter I am cold, grumpy, living in my thoughts on rainy days and hibernating. But when the sun comes out in the winter chill, I’m there blazing in it’s short-lived glory. Summer is on the way and I’m glimmering with excitement. The jitters are genuine and the bravery is peeking as I grasp onto every sunny day this Spring, anticipating the summer season. If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re probably a sun child too.

7 things only Sun Children do

1. When you have free time you’re immediately sitting by the pool, baking up the sun’s glory

girl that is a sun child baking in the sun via giphy

Sun Baking

2. A Sun Child can bake for hours in the sun without dying

6. Your favourite kind of party is a beach party

gif of beach lighting up where sun children hang out

Beach Party Lovers

7. You are forever chasing the Summer Season



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