7 Things to Experience when you Travel Rishikesh

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October 24, 2018
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Travel Rishikesh, a meat-free, alcohol-less city. A spiritual destination for many seekers. International and locals alike. Experience the vibrational energy of this city. Drink street Chai, take a bath in the Ganges, do a Yoga Course and experience Aartie.

Travel Rishikesh & Experience these 7 Things

Coming to travel Rishikesh for Yoga? Great. This is the place. It is known as, ‘The World Capital of Yoga.’ You can feel the yoga vibes walking down the streets. It’s quite touristy. On every corner, there is a Yoga School. Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Tantra, Kundalini, Iyengar. Choose your style and flow into the groove of Yoga and Spirituality.

  1. Drink Street Chai in Rishikesh or anywhere in India

A street vendor in Rishikesh pouring street chai into a cup

I wouldn’t recommend eating street food when you travel Rishikesh. Delhi Beli is a real thing. So I’ve heard. I didn’t experience it because I didn’t eat street food. Street chai is more than absolutely ok. It’s amazing. Filled with sugar but that is all over India. Take it with a oinch of salt. The teeny tiny cup of tea leaves you craving more and more.

  • It’s cheap and you can find it on every street corner in Rishikesh

2. Travel Rishikesh to Experience Aarti

Aartie upclose picture of flowers for offering to the river ganga in Rishikesh, India

Image Credit: @journaling_balloon

Aarti is a Hindu Religious Ritual of Worship. Found in three cities, Rishikesh, Varanasi & Haridwar. It is a part of puja – (act of worship). Flowers, incense and wicks are offered to the deities and sent off on the Holy River Ganges. You are blessed with the Bindu between the eyes at the eyebrow centre. There are priests in the front of the river doing a fire ceremony. Everyone sits and watches. You can make a wish. It’s quite an experience. There weren’t many foreigners here. Mostly local people. This is something truly unique to experience.

  • Ganga Aarti is at Parmath Niketan
  • It is a pleasant ritual of worshipping the Ganga
  • Everyday 6pm-7pm

3. Cross the Famous Pedestrian Bridge at Laxman Jhula or Ram Jhula

the bridge at laxman jhula which you can cross when you travel rishikesh

The traffic on this bridge will blow your mind. It is a pedestrian bridge. You fight your way through the crowd. Everyone is stopping to take a selfie. Cows are crossing. Scooters are scooting past. Monkeys are hanging around. It’s total madness. This photo looks serene and peaceful. It’s not a pleasant experience pushing and shoving. You need complete Yogic patience.

  • Cross the bridge in the early morning and late night to find peace, it’s a magical experience

4. That leads us to- Taking a Selfie on Laxman Jhula Bridge when you Travel Rishikesh

selfie on laxman jhula bridge when traveling in rishikesh

I snapped this one at sunset. A rare time. The bridge is empty. The season is changing. People are migrating. Festivals are ending. New celebrations are beginning. I was in Rishikesh at the time of Durga Festival. A very auspicious time according to Hindu mythology. A festival for the worship of the Goddess Durga. Feminine energy. Many devotees come to visit the Goddess Ganga- a personification of the Ganges River.

5.  Stay at an Ashram in Rishikesh

Osho Ashram sign in Rishikesh the Holy city of India

I never got to experience this. I almost did. Something happened. I left my passport at the Yoga school. I planned to have a sleepover and head back to the Yoga school the next day. They offered to fetch it for me. I had to go back and get it. This place is a good 30 minutes drive from Tapowan and Yoga-tourist-village, outside Rishikesh. I don’t know if it was a sign. We bailed. It felt too culty. Where do you draw the fine-line?  Who to trust? Is it bad vibes or just the reflection of your uneasiness? How do you choose your tribe?

6. Take a Cooking Class when you Travel Rishikesh

Cooking class Rishikesh

India has such a bad stigma of food. ‘Delhi Belly.’ I guess I didn’t experience Delhi. Indian food is amazing. The whole city is veg and tasty as can be. Taking a cooking class is an authentic experience. There are so many places to choose from. Walk the streets of Rishikesh and chat to locals to find the best classes.

7. Have a dip in the Holy River Ganges

a dip in the ganges river in rishikesh

Go to ‘the beach’ and take a dip in the Holy Ganges river.

  • Dress Etiquette required for this activity
  • Local people call this, ‘The Beach’
  • This is not a beach as we experience it in Western Culture
  • It is a Holy place try to respect the culture of the people here- no bathing suits

Rishikesh is a touristy place. It still has a good feeling and high vibration. A must visit place for anyone new to Yoga. People from all over the world come here for Yoga and spiritual endeavours.

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