Traveling Laos: Pai to Laung Prabang- Is the Journey worth the Destination?

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Travelling Laos can be Challenging

Travelling Laos from Pai Thailand is a journey many travellers consider. Laos has a wee population of roughly 7 million. A lot of travellers seem to glorify this particular route. Everybody knows that the journey is not the highlight. Travelling to Laos from Thailand is tough. No one ever tells you that it could be the cause of a travel panic meltdown. Traveling from the north of Thailand to Luang Prabang is a pretty painful experience. Travelling to less-known destinations is quite a mission. You have to travel by land and it’s not always the most pleasant experience. It’s tricky travelling by land and if you’re rolling in the dough you should definitely cruise through the air.

The Journey of Travelling Laos from Thailand

travelling Laos on the Mekong River from Pai to Laung Prabang

travelling Laos in a boat cramped up like sardines

Travelling Laos like a tin of sardines. Shipped across the Mekong Delta for 15 hours spread over two days in 30 degrees heat, is hectic. Luang Prabang’s main tourist attraction is even more beautiful than one would expect. Perhaps I can’t put pen to paper of just how breathtaking this icy cold water is. There’s no wonder why it’s a UNESCO world heritage site.

Travelling Laos Purely to see Kung Si Waterfall a UNESCO World Heritage Site

travelling Laos just to see the beautiful Kung Si Waterfall

Travelling Laos just to see the top of Kung Si Waterfall

Luang Prabang Town Things to Do and The Food

Luang Prabang town is pretty small and the motorbikes for rent are very much overpriced in comparison to Thailand. You can, however, do it the old school way. You may end up hot and sweaty but at least you’ll have worked off that tantalizing beer Loa Gold, sweeter than honey. 

travelling Laos by bicycle over the bicycle bridge

Travelling Laos by Tuk Tuk

40 000 Kip Tuk Tuk Drive to Kung Si Waterfall, roughly 1 Hour Ride

the best thing about travelling Laos is the $1 Beer

25 000 Kip / 1$ beerThe locals are quite friendly. It’s very likely you’ll make friends with a tuk-tuk driver at some stage. The local food is also delicious and the beer is very cheap.

Larb Traditional Laos Food Minced Porl with sprouts

Post Colonial Baguette Sandwhich

Vendor Street Food in Laos

There’s not much happening in Luang Prabang town after midnight. Travelling Cinderella Laos seems to trade in her glass slipper for a pair of bowling shoes. Or no shoes, anything goes really as long as Beer Loa is flowing.

The only thing to do after midnight when you are traveling Laos is play bowling

Honestly, Travelling Laos is a hassle. It’s not an easy journey getting there. If you don’t have the time or a book of patience to pass the time. You may need to meditate over whether the journey to Laos from Pai, Thailand really is worth the destination. It’s a beautiful small little town. The only major highlight is Kung Si Waterfall. It is a very magical place. I have never in my life seen such beautiful turquoise water. The only problem with Laos is getting there. It’s a difficult journey to partake. I would suggest staying longer in Thailand if you don’t want to have a travel panic meltdown. Read this story about why many travellers get stuck in Pai Thailand. 

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