Truth Bombs For Spiritual Growth And Releasing Inner Demons

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Truth bombs are what I’m living by in 2022. In 2018 when I started my own personal healing journey. I created yearly blog posts for your spiritual goals the following year. Including things, you need to grow, with love, emotional maturity and spiritual awareness. This year I’m coming with the truth bombs. Because 2021 was a difficult year. It’s one of the hardest years I’ve had to face so far and we all know 2020 wasn’t that great either. Many of us have had to face death, grief, fear of security, fear of the unknown and the turmoil coronavirus caused on our livelihoods.

So with that in mind, I feel an urge for us all to be more honest this year. And that is my spiritual goal for 2022. To be undoubtedly honest. Even if it’s brutal. Because the truth might not be what you want to hear but it’s what you need to hear to grow. Furthermore, it is the healing associated with the truth of your reality, that you need to face. So you can grow and be the very best version of yourself that you can be.

Truth Bombs for Spirtual Growth and Releasing Inner Demons

We all have insecurities, trauma and conditioning that we need to work through. Some of us are even unaware that we have the stuff to deal with. Maybe you may have had it easy as a child. A sheltered life protected by your parents, financial freedom as a child or even the most ‘perfect’ family. Whatever that may be. Even so, you might still have some unresolved trauma.

Because you see any situation that left a mark on your mind- whether good or bad is considered trauma or could have been traumatic for you. Not to mention parental conditioning. No matter how good of a parent you are, you are still a human. And you still condition your child to be a certain way and sometimes even project your insecurities onto them. The way you consider to be correct. That on its own has left a mass group of child adults having to filter through their emotions and let go of their parental conditioning. Especially when they become parents themselves.

So with that in mind. Here are 22 truth bombs that will help you to see the truth of your very own reality. To allow you to release your demons and face your fears by growing in love acceptance, patience, and gratitude for where you are today and how you are growing to be the best version of yourself, tomorrow.

In ligth of search for meaning and self-healing- TRIGGER WARNING!

22 Truths Bombs to give you the boost you need for growing in maturity, love, freedom, patientce and presence:

1. Life is too short to ghost people, become bitter or refuse someone the closure they and you need to grow, be better and not bitter by communicating honestly with yourself and others or seek a therapist

2. Going to therapy doesn’t mean you are weak or shows weakness, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Seeking emotional support and relationship help shows that you are emotionally mature enough to speak about your problems and open to change with the way of the world and your soul’s journey

3. People change, times change, circumstances change. The whole world is constantly changing and if you try to fight the change rather than accept it, you will be left behind.

4. Change forces us to face our inner demons and this change especially shows up when we have been unaware of our insecurities or our trauma is still in the unconscious.

5. Life is even shorter than you can imagine so never go to bed angry

6. When you go to bed angry you automatically take today’s problems into the tomorrow

7. We are all in this world together to learn from each other’s mistakes, therefore, bonding over trauma is not a form of gossip but rather a space where you can connect with the understanding of your trauma, how decisions influence your life and the very predicament your in. Because if you didn’t want people to know what you did then you shouldn’t have done it in the first place and that is your first sign of needing healing

8. Resolution is always better than a revolution

9. Communication is the only thing that can save you from revolution

10. Communicating well involves setting healthy boundaries with yourself and in your relationships

11. Understanding your trauma isn’t ‘reliving it’, it’s dealing with it. Because unfortunately, we have to relive the things that hurt us most, in order to start the healing process.

12. Healing starts with cultivating self-love

13. You can only cultivate self-love once you’ve forgiven yourself for all your decisions and indecisions

14. Indecision is an anxiety causer and anxiety is a self-love barrier

15. Tame your anxiety by showing up consistently for yourself by taking time for healing your wounds and your emotional state

16. You can find yourself by getting to know your light and your shadow

17. When you choose the shadow journey only, you are living through the dark night of your soul

18. The dark night of the soul forces you to choose to live your trauma again and again rather than living through your trauma. Only once you become aware of the dark side of your personality and how your ego affects your decision making, will you be able to tame your shadow

20. Once you’ve accepted that you have a shadow and you’ve started to implement the communication with yourself, is when your healing journey truly commences

21. Releasing your inner demons is essential for spiritual growth

22. Because we all have demons but we are not all emotionally capable or mature enough yet to accept them and set them free. But once you are on this journey to unbecoming, healing your trauma and spreading your light, you will see your authenticity shine. Both dark and light. And you will be able to better control your own energy.

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