The Cape Town Vegan Challenge Week One- Inspiration

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Who’s up for the Cape Town Vegan Challenge?
September 28, 2017
Becoming Vegan
October 9, 2017

The Vegan challenge has started and the weekend is over. You’ve been eating out plenty, or perhaps you’ve been attending Vegilicious’ events. But it’s Monday and you already feel all Vegan-ed out. Maybe you consumed one too many Oreos over the weekend or sipped down far too many Organic glasses of wine.

The plant-based diet is challenging if inspiration is lacking. Sometimes you just don’t have the energy after a long weekend to brew up something nutritious in the kitchen. You want to eat something quick, simple and delicious. It must be less processed and fresher. Maybe even a little comforting after a long weekend of shenanigans.

Inspiration during Week One of the Vegan Challenge

It’s been quite challenging avoiding the most obvious things. On the first day of the challenge, I woke up to a cup of coffee in bed. Something that’s usually seen as the sweetest gesture turned into my biggest Vegan nightmare. Thinking it’s just an ordinary Saturday. I sipped my coffee while slowly starting to wake up. Excited to try this whole vegan thing out. That’s when I realised…

ice cream is a major vegan challenge gif scot pilgrim vs the world via media tumblr

The Gelato Vegan Challenge

But after my slip up, I feel stronger and more committed than ever because…

Vegan Powers settling in during the Vegan Challenge

Vegan powers settling in during the vegan challenge gif

Vegan Powers Settling In

Whether its a joke amongst your friends or a factual reality. There’s no doubt that the Vegan Diet is good for the body if you balance your diet correctly. And perhaps it’s great for the soul too. It’s really just a cleanse and a great way to challenge your willpower because that on its own is a superpower.

Remember, its ok if you slip up, it’s not a test, it just means…

consequence of failure in the vegan challenge gif scot pilgrim vs the world no vegan powers

Consequences of Failure in the Vegan Challenge

Try to remember that life is about balance. Don’t overdo it nor under do it.

It’s not that hard but its really hard

the biggest challenge for new vegans gif scot pilgrim vs the worl

The Biggest Challenge for New Vegans

It’s just milk and eggs though. This combination is just really convenient and hard to replace. Because what’s better than a Vegetarian eggs benedict, with a cappuccino on a brunch date? It’s about having fewer wants and cravings. Maybe it’s just cheese for you. Then you have unlocked the second door to the vegan powers. Vegan but not totally Vegan because what about pizza though? Maybe you have to get to the next level to unlock the secrets to it all?

It’s not always so serious…

gif scot pilgrim vs the world

Vegan Will Power

The Vegan community is larger than you think. Ranging from all kinds of levels. The goal is to unlock the Super Powers but that is only achieved when a 100% animal-free diet is obtained. Including animal by-products and lifestyle choices, like beautiful leather bags, again this is like level 5 Veganism.

Learn more about Seven Levels Vegan to see what level you are on.

You’re probably thinking……..

hyperventilating with brown paper bag over difficulty of being vegan

Being Vegan is Hard

Life is complicated and making the right choices to unlock Super Powers can be tough. But luckily you have people to talk about it too. Talk about the challenge with your friends, they will understand and even though they aren’t trying to unlock the Super Powers with you, they believe in you.

Or better yet, find a Vegan friend, someone that understands

gif about finding a vegan companion offering a bite of a veggie wrap

Your Vegan Companion

You need a Vegan friend to complain to when you’re missing cheese or when people in the office are giving you slack because of this whole vegan thing. You don’t want to be buttered up because you can’t eat butter.

Better yet, read words of inspiration from other Vegans taking the challenge

scot pilgrim vs the world gif about reading vegan blogs

Read Vegan Blogs

The Vegan community is growing and many people are participating in the Challenge. Remember to post your thoughts and inspire others. You can follow The Cape Town Vegan for Inspiration on where to eat in Cape Town. Or maybe be that Vegan shoulder to cry on when the non-Vegan desserts come out.


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