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Becoming Vegan
October 9, 2017
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Seven Levels Vegan Guide
October 17, 2017

It’s week three of the Cape Town Vegan Challenge and my Vegan Life has finally kicked in, along with my new Vegan farts. Vegan Life has been challenging but the journey leads me down a magical path of self-discovery. The magic of clean and healthy eating. I believe that this plus the conscious living philosophy of Veganism is the ultimate key to obtaining Vegan Superpowers.

It’s much easier said than done but eating mainly a raw diet truly does increase energy levels, at least it has for me. Since I’ve ‘turned vegan’, I have had a lot more energy/ Superpowers than before I started eating the plant-based diet. There has also been a sense of mindfulness through this challenge or perhaps a feeling of clarity. Since I’ve cut out all meat, fish, animal products and by animal products, I almost feel as if my thoughts are clearer, less stagnant and overpowering. I’m not overthinking every single situation. I’m breathing more consciously through irritable situations and I’m feeling more rooted than ever before.

Man, my Vegan Life feels good. Here’s what I’ve learnt so far during the Cape Town Vegan Challenge:

Things I love about my New Vegan Life

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What to Love about Vegan Life

  • I feel super healthy because I eat super healthy
  • Being able to say no to bad ideas like Strawberry Lips shots
  • My farts don’t stink
  • Junk food has become even more disgusting
  • My energy levels feel incredibly good, it’s like I’m on drugs but I’m not
  • It’s just the Vegan Superpowers kicking in
  • Being more conscious of my surroundings
  • I’m thinking about things more-like where does it come from, how is it made etc
  • I’m no longer a slave to my senses- I have less cravings
  • I have a clearer conscious which means a calmer more meditative mind
  • Being Vegan helped me realise how important it is to read labels
  • Marley Coffee’s Vegan chicken mayo tastes just like chicken
  • My skin is glowing
  • I use only natural animal-free products on my skin and body
  • Vegan manicures- It’s a thing book yours at Ways of Wellness Spa

Things that I’ve found challenging in my new found Vegan Life:

the biggest vegan challenge drinking coffee without milk via giphy

The biggest Vegan Challenge

  • Coffee without milk is scary
  • Learning how to drink coffee without milk is the goal
  • Almond Milk cost and arm and a leg
  • Making my own almond milk is a mission but and another goal
  • I don’t particularly like the taste of nuts so early in the morning

Being seen as picky, fussy or just a complete inconvenience is a burdeovercome

How I’ve overcome some of my Vegan Life Challenges

Week three of the Cape Town Vegan Challenge has been magical. I’m sailing smoothly into the third week of plant-based eating and I think I’ve finally got the hang of things. If your still not sure about going Vegan, read this Sevens Levels Vegan Inspiration Guide.

The summary of my Vegan Life goes something like this….


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