Yoga Benefits- 7 Things you never knew Yoga can do for You

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June 8, 2018
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July 12, 2018

Discover the lesser known Yoga Benefits of a weekly practice. To enlighten what this art form can do for you. Yoga has something for the inquisitive. We all go back at some point.  Yoga teaches you how to use mindfulness in your daily life. To be more patient, open-minded and forgiving. Accepting the things you cannot change. Understanding your relation to the world and people around you.

Yoga Benefits got me Exploring the Subtle Magic of a Consistent Practice

Taking the practice into my daily life. Yoga is about guiding the mind to be in tune with harmony. Using the breath to better manage emotions. Opening the heart to be more receptive. We all know Yoga is great for the body. Training it to look more youthful, fit and firm. We all want to stay forever young, it’s encoded into our egos.

 7 Yoga Benefits of a Consistent Practice:

1. Exercise for Your Brain

Yoga Postures known as Asanas are used to exercise the body. Meditation and breathing exercises are used to exercise the brain. Yoga allows you to consciously connect with your breath. Allowing you to be more in control of urges and feelings. Creating a more mindful approach to everyday mundane thinking. Meditation teaches the brain how to stay in the moment. Allowing you to relax, rejuvenate and recuperate. Here is one of my favourite breathing exercises explained:

Exercise for your Brain Beginners Guide

Surya Bendha Pranayam Single Nostril Breathing Exercise for Increasing Sun Vitality

2.  Yoga is about getting ‘High’

We all know that feeling. Eating a slab of your favourite chocolate all by yourself. Drinking an ice cold coke on a hot summers day. Dancing the night away. Partying it up. Watching the sunrise. Singing karaoke with your best friends. Bungee Jumping into a state of Euphoria. That’s getting high. There are many ways to experience it. Regular practice helps to bring it continuously allowing you to have fewer cravings. To increase solar energy in the body. The vitality of happiness. We know we cannot do these things all of the time. The feeling comes and goes. Regular Yoga Practice increases this feeling.

3. Enhances Self Awareness

Becoming aware of getting high means noticing your moods, energy and the way you carry yourself. Knowing your own character and feelings. How you play a role in society, the ‘bigger picture of life’ and all it’s living creatures. Allowing you to be more self-accepting and less judgemental of everything around you. Reminding you that the only person you are truly competing with is yourself.

4. Creates more Confidence

Yoga allows you to be more confident. This comes from a sense of self-awareness. Noticing the divine God or Goddess inside of you. You will begin to feel this in social settings, social anxiety will decrease with a healthier self-esteem. Yoga maintains a healthy body, good posture and a happier demeanour. Truly encouraging healthy confidence.

5. Encourages a Steamy Sex Life by understanding Sex Energy

From stamina to heightened feelings of pleasure. Sex is something that can be beautifully explored. My friend said it’s like exchanging energies. I love that concept, a feeling of euphoria or ‘getting high’ and connecting for one second. Yoga teaches you how to use this energy to create more pleasure for yourself and your partner and/or harness it spiritually.

Understanding and Transforming Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy

Yoga Sex Benefits

6. Enabling you to speak your Truth

Yoga teaches us how to be honest with ourselves. Encouraging truth in our words, actions and thoughts.

7. Connects you with your ‘Higher Self’

Call it that, God, the Holy Spirit, Energy, Kundalini Awakening, Spirit, Buddha or whatever else you want to. Certain types of Yoga practice allow you to connect with your truth. What you believe your higher self is. If you are open to it, you will experience it.

Happy International Day of Yoga.


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