Why is Yoga so Good for You?

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Why Yoga has crossed many people’s minds. If you’re still sitting on the fence about the benefits of Yoga and whether or not you enjoyed that Yoga class 4 weeks ago. Here’s a little something to encourage you to go get back on your mat.

My journey with Yoga began just over 4 years ago, and all I can say about that very moment in time is that I literally almost pegged. I died on that mat, with the sweat dripping down my face, 15 mins in and I couldn’t wait for the class to just end. Fearing that any second I may projectile chunder all over the instructor or possibly slip a fart whilst uncomfortably trying to stretch in positions I did”t even know existed. I think weve all been there. I’d like to think now that it was my kundalini bubbling inside, waking me up to the realisation of how much Yoga is about to change my life for the better.

According to Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Yoga is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions. Therefore Yoga is an art of self discovery. Yoga is about controlling the mind through prana, meaning breath control, and also the breath of life in sanskrit. I like to call it the breath of cosmic consciousness. Yoga teaches you to be more conscious of your body, emotions, intuition, mind, nature, the earth and all that belong to it. Plus science has basically called it, Yoga is physically great for your health and the body. It has to be great because it’s turned from a trend into a sub culture. But if you haven’t jumped on the Yoga boat yet, here’s a little trailer for why Yoga changed my life for the better.

5 reasons why I think Yoga is so great

1. It makes you feel like you’re on sunshine

Yoga makes you feel like you”re walking on sunshine. WOO HOO. Yoga releases that little endorphin in your brain that makes you feel happy, during the most mundane moments.

2. It’s great for over-thinkers

Yoga is great for over-thinkers. It calms the mind by training it to block out thoughts during practice and embrace silence, and in return over think less situations during the day and or stress over it all night.

4. Yoga teaches you how to breathe

Yoga teaches you how to stay calm and patient during situations by using breath control or cosmic consciousness. During practice breathe is one of the most important components, Yoga teaches you how to use this in the real world. How to control your mind through breathing, ultimately calming you and making you more patient.

4. Yoga keeps you feeling young

It massages all the organs and purifies the body from the inside out. It keeps you feeling young, fit and healthy, even if you are old.

5. Yoga blocks out emotional triggers like irritability and anger

Yoga is great for balancing out your emotions and scraping through any blockages that cause un easy or temperamental behaviour. And thats why Yoga is so great for me because it literally makes me feel like I’m walking on sunshine, WOO HOO. It truly is a great mood enhancer, emotions stabilizer and just generally a feel good after kind of activity.

Thank you universe for introducing me to Yoga.


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