How to Flow into Consciousness with Yoga Music

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May 11, 2018
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Yoga music leads you down the road of awarenesses. The best way to get into Yoga is through music. It helps you to connect deeper with your Yoga practice. Let the music take you there. Flow into Consciousness. In this post, we explore music consciousness. It’s relation to your Energy and Kundalini. There are three playlists to download. Experiment with music consciousness and Yoga.

Did you know a band like Yogareggae actually exists? I love creating Yoga music playlists that accompany my own Sadhana. Daily Yoga practice. Today, I share my favourite playlists with you.

Flow into Sun Salutations with My Especially Curated Playlists

Welcome to the home of New Age & Yoga Culture. A place for everyone to connect with themselves. Their consciousness and Yoga. I have created four Yoga Playlists. You can download the playlists and practice your own sadhana. In the future. Deciding what sounds and songs resonate best with you.

Understand Yoga Music Consciousness & Connecting

a visual perspective of how yoga music makes you feel like

The Spiraling of your Consciousness- Via Giphy

Exploring Yoga Music helps me connect with my consciousness. Ensuring I stay present. Realigning my vibration through music. To be in tune. Harmonized. Aligning and connecting to my Throat Chakra. To be more zoned-in. Focused and connected. Allowing every word to be in tune with my truth.

I am currently in love with a band called Yogareggae. It’s a special kind of sound. You can feel the vibration of the music. It takes you there. Helping you stay present by listening intrinsically. To the words of a song. The corresponding sound that comes from it. That is Yoga Music and specifically my new obsession. Yogareggae.

The Power of Matras

In the Beginners Yoga Playlist. There is a song titled. Om Mani Padme Hum, from Yogareggae. This is actually a Mantra. It is said that there is no real English translation for it. It stems from Tibetan Buddhism and Sanskrit. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is associated with Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion. This mantra helps you to speak, think and act like a Buddha. Imagine hearing that over and over again?

It becomes your consciousness. You become more conscious of your words. Actions and thoughts. Like a Buddha. This is a powerful example of Mantra Music. Trust me. Play this song every day for a week. See for yourself if there is any improvement in the way you feel. It has a special way of uplifting your spirit. I mean it has the power to physically cheer you up. It creates a sense of total awareness. Belonging and understanding.

Kundalini Shakti Awakening through Music

visual interpretation of snakes moving from a black hole which represents how yoga music can awaken kundalini shakti

Kundalini Shakti – The Serpent Energy of your Consciousness via Giphy

Kundalini Shakti is the Serpent Energy that lives at your Base Chakra. It is the mass potential energy of human consciousness. The opening of the Chakras awakes Kundalini Shakti. This allows prana to flow through Sushumna Nadi. Connecting your human consciousness with universal consciousness. It pretty much aligns you with your truth. Connecting you to everything in the Cosmos. Awakening you to the magic of your existence. Connecting you to all that lies beyond.

interpretation of yoga music releasing kundalini shakti and connecting you to cosmic energy which is flowing from the black whole in space that you are connected to

Kundalini Awakening via Giphy

Awakening Kundalini Shakti through Yoga Music

Yoga music can arise this fiery serpent of potential. Specific music can actually tune your Chakras. Awakening your consciousness. Here’s how you can connect with this:

  • Yoga Music that you deeply connect with
  • Mantras as the example above
  • Breathing Exercises like Surya Bendha Pranayama and Yogic Breath of Fire
  • Chanting of sacred Yoga Symbols/Sounds like Ohm/Aum
  • Meditation and Chakra Meditations

Music is the greatest key to unlocking the deep peace that lives within. It reaffirms Consciousness. Connected-Ness. One-Ness. Alive-Ness. Happiness. May your experiments with Yoga Music Consciousness align you to your true potential.

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