Yoga Sessions Cape Town

Yoga Sessions Cape Town- Private and Group Classes, Yoga Pop Ups & Online Yoga Mentoring

Nidra means sleep in Sanskrit

Known as Yogic Psychic Sleep or Sleep Meditation

Yoga Nidra allows you to Tap into the sub-conscious mind where Theta Brain waves are emanated. Discovering the 'dream state'. Clearing out the storage space of mental conditioning

  • Enhances deep relaxation on a physical, mental & emotional level
  • 30 mins of Yoga Nidra is equivalent of between 2 -4 Hour Sleep
  • Group & Private Sessions Available- 30 mins, 45 mins & 1 Hour sessions available
  • Pop Ups in & Around Cape Town
  • Sound as Meditation with Himalayan Singing Bowls

  • Experience the profound vibration of Himalayan/ Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • 7 Bowls to take your mind on a trip
  • Guided Meditation through the journey of sounds
  • Bowls tuned to the Chakras
  • Group & Private Sessions Available
  • Pop Ups in & Around Cape Town
  • Free Yoga Evaluation via Video Call!

    These are on-line Classes via Skype that are especially tailored to your preferences and Yoga Tastes.

  • Connect via Email & Schedule Weekly On-line Yoga Classes
  • $10 for 45 minutes- choose your style
  • $15 for a 45 minute custom made Yoga Class
  • $5 for a 30 minutes Guided meditation
  • Using Sound and Transcendental Meditation techniques to tap into a Meditation

  • Chanting Mantras like AUM/ OM
  • & Bija Seed Mantra Chanting (Chakra Mantras; Lam, Vam, Ram...
  • Mantra Meditation is an easy Meditation Technique for Over-thinkers & those prone to negative thinking & wandering thoughts
  • Group & Private Sessions Available
  • A holistic approach to balancing your energy body & emotions. Tapping into your sub-conscious & intuition.

    Using Crystals, Singing Bowl Sounds & Yoga Nidra to tune your Chakras.

  • Crystal Dowsing & Chakra Analysis
  • Crystal Meditation & Crystal Healing & Programming
  • Mantra Meditation & Sound Exploration through Chanting
  • Yoga Nidra with Singing Bowls
  • Tarot for the Chakras
  • Private Sessions Only
  • Yoga classes created around a specific condition or ailment

  • Creating the perfect future self practice that suits your body type, mental & physical conditions
  • Private & group Classes Available
  • Custom made classes for weekly practice
  • Mobile Yoga Services Available in & around Cape Town
  • Yoga for seniors