Yoga Symbols- How to Enliven your Energy

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May 16, 2018
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June 8, 2018

Yoga symbols help us connect deeper with our Yoga Practice. There are many different symbols to explore. Symbols that signify the Spiritual side of Yoga. These Yoga symbols help shed light on the meditative exercise. Discover the magic behind the signs that connect you to the Energy that lies within.

Yoga Symbols and their Meanings

I like to surround myself with symbols that heighten the power of positive energy. Yoga symbols explain the essence of Yoga and it’s relation to Consciousness. We are going to explore how different symbols in Yoga impact consciousness. Connecting you to the present.

The Om or Pronounced A-U-M Symbol

Ohm, Pronounced A-U-M Yoga Symbol painted on a wall

Ohm, Pronounced A-U-M Yoga Symbol

The sound of the Universe. All of the curves are symbols for the waking state (conscious mind). Dream state (subconscious). Deep sleep state (unconscious). Our constitution makes up the whole universe. We have a deep connection to this symbol. The sound that resonates deep within our being. Learn more about the Om Symbol.

  • Tip: chant to rid of anxiety and over thinking

Bija Mantra Symbols to balance and Open Chakras

Symbol of bija or seed mantra frequency of swadhisthan or sacral chakra

Seed Mantra Symbol of Swadhistthan Chakra

In Sanskrit Bija means seed. ‘Man’ means mind and ‘Tra’ means liberation. A Bija Mantra is the sound of a Chakra. It raises the frequency of a chakra. Tuning it in through balancing or opening it. You will often see these symbols in the Hindu Chakra depictions. This is the symbol of Swadhisthan Chakra’s Bija Mantra. The frequency sound is Vam.

  • Tip chant the Bija Mantra sounds to Balance or open your Chakras
  • Laaam- Mooladhara Root Chakra
  • Vaaam- Swadhisthan Sacral Chakra
  • Raaam- Manipura Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Yaaam- Anahat Chakra Heart Chakra
  • Haaam- Vishuddhi Chakra  Throat Chakra
  • AUMmmm- Agya Chakra Third Eye Chakra
  • SILENCE or Om if you wish- Sahasar Crown Chakra

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Chakra Symbols for raising your Vibration -Sahasar Chakra Symbol

Sahasar chakra one of the Chakra Yoga symbols of a lotus petals with om sign in middle

Chakras are difficult to understand. I’ve been lucky enough to partake in a DNA activation. My wonderful mystic healer told me that each chakra point is like a lotus flower. Your aura connects to all these lotus flowers. Each Lotus flower opens from the base of the spine in the Energy body. The petals of the lotus are delicately vibrating. They make up your energy body. Any stuck, stagnant or ‘bad vibes’ may get tangled in the petals. Affecting your mood,  mentality and sometimes showing up as physical ailments.

Chakras Symbols can help bring good energy into your space. It helps heightens your meditation experience. If you know exactly what a chakra looks like it is easier to visualize it. This makes opening or closing a chakra easier. Here is all you need to know about Chakras:

  • Each Chakra has it’s own Bija Mantra symbol like the om sound symbol above
  • Chakra symbols are represented by the lotus petals and the opening of a lotus flower
  • A Chakra symbolises a vortex or spinning wheel of energy
  • The Lotus flower symbolises this spinning chakra or vortex and vice versa
  • Picture each chakra like a Lotus Flower
  • Each Chakra has a corresponding Bija Mantra

The Hamsa Symbolises Protection in Yoga


Depiction of hamsa symbo- -hand sign with an eye in the middle a common Yoga Symbol found in Yoga studios

Hamsa Symbol and it’s relevance to Yoga

  • This symbol stems from many religions and cultures
  • It is often seen as Yoga decoration or in jewellery design
  • It has become a universal sign of protection
  • The ‘evil eye’ symbolises protection from the evil eye which dates back in history to superstition and the stigma of bad energy
  • The hand can be representative of the hand of God- bringing happiness, health, good fortune, luck and protection
  • Tip: Keep it as a keychain to protect you on the roads

Mandala Symbolises the Universe in Hinduism & Buddism

a picture of a mandala which is the most known Yoga Symbol it symbolises unity and harmony

Mandala Symbol of Unity & Harmony in Yoga.

A mandala is something that represents the Universe. Imagine the universe, galaxy or cosmos to look something like this. Trippy, colourful and vibrant. It is found everywhere in nature. You can see it in the repetitive squiggles that form in a plant. You can draw pictures in it at the beach, it’s in the ocean, on a leaf and even in the bark of a tree. It looks similar to your DNA and your fingerprint.

  • This symbol represents the inter-connectedness of all of life on earth and beyond
  • Tip: Draw it to subside feelings of love-less-ness, not belonging or disappoint

Lord Ganesh Iconic Idol in Hinduism

Lord Ganesh one of the most sacred symbols in yoga

Lord Ganesh a Sacred Yoga Idol

Ganesha the Deity. Offspring of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. The remover of material and spiritual obstacles. A patron of Science and Art. Represents Intellect and wisdom, helping to heighten new beginnings for those that seek. Learn more about Ganesh Symbolism.

  • It is said in Yoga that Ganesh is connected to the Root Chakra, as it represents survival and material well being
  • Tip: Keep an Ornament of Lord Ganesh in your Meditation Space or draw him in your Journal for extra rooting



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