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October 11, 2018
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October 24, 2018

The Yogic food experience exists. It lives in the Yoga schools across India. There are many people who travel in the name of food. Visiting specific countries tasting delicatessens. Food junkies blogging and vlogging about the tastiest meals worldwide. Feeling ecstasy in every bite. Taking sensory indulgence to the next level.  Not the yogic way. The Yogic food experience is a high vibration feeling that lasts all day. It’s a meat-free affair that involves connecting with the earth through honouring and worshipping her.

It’s the energy of the Entire Yogic Food Experience

Food is a very crucial part of Yogic studies and the Yogic lifestyle. Food is life and prana is life. Prana is life energy. Food gives you energy. It is the energy inside the food. The food from mother earth. You are food and everything you eat you become. We all know this right? In my 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training we experienced a cooking class. From start to finish. Preparing, cooking and eating together. Yogic food culture goes beyond ‘healthy eating’.

The Yogic Food Experience is about Embracing Nature, the Energy of Food, How it’s prepared and How it’s Consumed

our group preparing the food during our yogic food experience

Our Yoga Group Preparing the Food

Everything plays a certain role. From start to finish. We prepared something called Rajma Chawal. A kidney bean curry cooked in a garlic, ginger and chilli paste. Fire flamed in oil with cumin, mustard seeds, black cardamon seeds and bay leaves. Simply delicious, with a smokey flavour that leaves the taste buds craving more.

The Flavour Highlights the Details- Effort and Love put into Every Bite

rajma Chawal indian dish on eco plate which we cooked in our yogic food experience

Rajma Chawal

It’s the love in the preparation. Pre-eating we chanting mantras, sitting on the floor together and feeling the energy of the whole experience. Connecting with the ground and our mother earth. There is no need for utensils. In Indian culture, you eat with your hands. I love it. There is something rewarding about eating with your hands. Direct contact with your food and the energy you are about to become.

Handmade Eco Plates – Experiencing High Vibration Food

Sal Tree Leaf Eco Plate

me showing an eco plate which is a crucial part of the yogic food experience

Eco Plate made from Sal Tree Leaf

my happy yoga teacher holding our eco paper plates during our yogic food experience

My Yoga Teacher Acharya Vinay and his Eco Paper Plates

Aren’t these ‘paper plates’ just the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? 100% Eco paper plates made from the leaves of Sal trees. Eating from nature in nature. It’s a beautiful experience. I definitely felt an energetic difference in consuming the food. Everything is organic. Straight down to the plates. Hand sewn plates made from leaves. I cannot explain the experience of connecting deeply with mother Earth. The food, the way it’s prepared and the way it’s consumed. Pure magic in every bite.

The Yogic Food Experience will leave you ‘feeling High’ all Day

There are many places in India where you can experience a cooking class. I was lucky enough to enjoy this high vibration meal with my Yoga School in Rishikesh. Authentic home cooked meals prepared the Yogic way. Follow DivyaPaak on Facebook to learn more about Indian and Yogic Food.

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