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January 28, 2021
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Yogic psychic sleep or yoga nidra is a practice whereby you can access your subconscious mind. Some call it dream yoga. Or even the yoga of sleep. Because it is a kind of non-active yoga. Meaning there are no physical asana practices. Or yoga postures in yoga nidra. Therefore this practice is a deeply restorative meditation. The best part is anyone can practice it. Especially those with injuries. Because it is so deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. For both body and mind.

So how does Yogic Psychic Sleep work?

This practice works with the body-mind connection. It is just like any other meditation. But you ly down in shavasana, corpse pose. All you have to do is listen to the instructors voice. So it is basically a guided meditation. The instructor allows you to take a trip through different levels of consciousness. By guiding you through different techniques. Some of the techniques used in nidra are:

  • Body scan
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Awareness of bodily sensations
  • Rotation of consciousness
  • Breathing exercises

Why is Yoga Nidra so special?

This is an extra special practice. Because it works with brain wave activity. Activating the sub conscious and allowing the brain to release more theta brain wave activity. This brain wave activity is usually only released in sleep and the dream state. We know the subconscious is a store house for our everyday memories. And sometimes things can get stuck here. Especially if they were traumatic. Therefore this practice allows us to release unwanted emotions. Like stress, anxiety, overthinking etc. As well as connect with our intuition. It is during this state that creativity is very active.

So who could benefit from this practice?

Anyone and everyone interested in dream work. Or those looking to de-stress, increase energy or let go of old habits. Yoga nidra is kind of like a self hypnosis. Because you have the opportunity to reprogram your mind by creating a resolve. Or resolution or affirmation for your practice. You could even use something specific. Depending on what you feel you need. But it is believed that 1 hour of yogic psychic sleep is the equivalent of 3-4 hours of sleep. Which makes it the perfect practice for insomnia. Or those who need rest. And don’t get a lot of sleep.

Are you enjoying learning about different kinds of meditation?

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